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Retro spot: Wilt for Volkswagen

WILT CHAMBERLAIN: 58 points San Francisco Warriors, center

San Francisco Warriors, center
Dec. 15, 1964 at MSG III
Stats: 25 field goals made, 8-for-19 free throws
Three times, a player has scored at least 50 points in an overtime game at the Garden involving the Knicks. Chamberlain’s 58 came in a 134-132 OT win against the Knicks.
Credit: AP

It's time for a little endorsement-based nostalgia in Double Dribble, no?

There have been countless commercial spots featuring NBAers. From Shaquille O'Neal for Icy Hot, to Chris Webber's Nike "Barbershop" campaign, and of course, all of the ads for the league itself.

As a tribute to some terrific acting, we'll bring you back in time once a week with some of the great endorsements and commercials in history.

Leading off "Retro spot" is Wilt Chamberlain in a 1966 ad for the Volkswagen Beetle. Chamberlain's appearance is peculiar for several reasons:

First, does VW using a 7-footer that can't fit into its Beetle make any sense?

Second, Wilt's grunting sound effects over a series of still images while he tries to get into the car is both bizarre and hystrical, ending him huffing, "Oh, man!"

Finally, the brief cameo of Bill Cunningham. Volkswagen seemed to trust so little in his acting chops that they had him sprint, back to the camera, jump in the car, and immediately drive away. No lines, no face time, nothing.

For your enjoyment:

Share links to your favorite old school commercials below. We might feature one next week.

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