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You couldn't care about something less than Kevin Durant and James Harden care about the Dwight Howard trade

Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant, left, and James

Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant, left, and James Harden, right, pose for a photo following a basketball news conference in Oklahoma City. (May 10, 2012) Credit: AP

James Harden and Kevin Durant aren't losing any sleep, they're not apprehensive about the start of the season, and they're not considering quitting basketball since the Lakers acquired center Dwight Howard.

In fact, they couldn't care less.

The two Thunder stars and recent gold medalists were on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" promoting the Nike+ FuelBand Monday night when the show's host asked them their feelings about the blockbuster deal:

"Good for them," Harden said, stone-faced.

"Yeah, good for them," a nonchalant Durant added.

Neither Harden nor Durant looked particularly amused by the question -- it's hard to tell whether it was schtick or if they were just genuinely uninterested -- but maybe there is already some alpha-dog tension forming between the West's two best teams.

(h/t @jadande)

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