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Bobby Ojeda is Jerry Seinfeld's favorite person on TV

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld attends the

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld attends the "Kiss The Water" premiere during the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. (April 22, 2013) Credit: AP

Jerry Seinfeld is among the most iconic figures in television history, thanks to his eponymous sitcom of the 1990s, but who does Seinfeld himself most like to watch on TV?

The answer came Wednesday, when the avid Mets fan posted this on his Twitter feed: “Bob Ojeda is my favorite person on TV.’’ Then he added the following hashtags: #insight #smart #energy #justlikehepitched.

Wow! What did the SNY analyst think of such high praise?

“It’s very cool,’’ Ojeda said Friday. “For one because of how popular and entertaining the guy is. He cracks me up. But also the fact he’s a Mets fan, a true blue Mets fan. For him to appreciate what I do is cool, very cool. I respect all Mets fans because they are the most legit fans you’re going to find, because it’s difficult to be a Mets fan.’’

So what is Ojeda’s favorite “Seinfeld” episode? “Never seen it,’’ he said. Umm . . . really? While Ojeda has seen Seinfeld work in other contexts and certainly is familiar with the show - including the famous guest appearance by his colleague Keith Hernandez - he never did get around to watching  a full episode of "Seinfeld."

“The only thing I watch on TV is old movies,’’ Ojeda said. “I’m a very boring person.’’

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