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Bounce back: Aramis Ramirez

It happens every season and the savvy fantasy owner takes advantage. A player has a bad year or a bad half and their value declines the following season. Look no further than Aramis Ramirez. He had 25 home runs and 83 RBIs and it's considered a down year. I think many would take that, especially this season at third base, a position that isn't very deep.

The Cubs third baseman had a terrible first half last year and it could be attributed to a thumb injury in the first half and some terrible luck. Ramirez hit .207 before the All-Star break with a .648 OPS, but a low Batting Average on Balls in PLay (BABIP) was a factor.

The Ramirez of previous seasons surfaced in the second half as he hit.276 with 15 home runs, 51 RBIs and an .847 OPS after the All-Star break. Ramirez has a career average of .282, so the .241 average stands out as a fluke. He had a .245 BABIP but has a career mark of .287. He's hit at least .300 five times.

Another reason Ramirez’s average was low was because of a 56.8 percent fly ball rate. A rate that high usually leads to a low average. His career fly ball rate is 45.7 percent, so he should regress to the normal rate. Ramirez is an excellent value at third base, so if you miss out on the elite consider Ramirez.

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