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All Access: Cotto vs. Trout

Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout at NYC press

Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout at NYC press conference. September 24, 2012. Credit: Tom Casino/Showtime

One of the great things about shows like, "All Access,"  is that you get a chance to see the softer side of the fighters. In this one, we saw a lot of the children. It's always refreshing. Showtime has added D.B. Sweeney as a narrator and writers Jody Heaps and Jason Bowers.

Miguel Cotto challenges Austin Trout for the WBA junior middleweight title on December 1 at Madison Square Garden. The bout will be televised by Showtime and the network will provide a post-fight All Access episode on December 15.

Best Spoken Line, Miguel Cotto:  "Live for my kids like I lived for boxing."

That was Cotto talking about his post boxing life, which he said would be coming very soon. If he holds to that quote, those kids will be very lucky.

Best Spoken Line, Austin Trout: "I have two things in this sport, my belt and my undefeated record. I plan on keeping both of those on December 1st."

Best Spoken Line, Pedro Diaz: "In professional boxing I am a student," referencing his Olympic experience with Cuba. He's proven to be a pretty good student thus far.

Best Spoken Line, Louie Burke: "If I'm not on his nerves, I'm not doing my job."

Best Support Cast: Trainers Burke and Diaz.

The Scenic View: Beautiful aerial of NYC and establishing shots of Big Bear.

Training Days: Great shots of Cotto training in San Juan in the early morning.

* Artsy. Liked the way the opening press conference shots were done, I'm guessing in post production.

* One day, Austin Trout's daughter will be a teenager and she will watch herself talking about passing wind. That will be funny.

* If true, the fact the Miguel Cotto has outdrawn Muhammad Ali at Madison Square Garden speaks volumes about New York's Puerto RIcan fan base.

* Loved Trout saying that he was going to get someone to get Cotto's autograph for him.

* Love Trout's imitation of Cotto's game face. So true.

* Again, the relationship between Bryan Perez and Cotto is a great thing.

* It's been amazing to have watched the Cotto kids grow up over the years.

* Interesting side note that Trout beat Canelo Alvarez's brother to win title.

* Interesting shots of Cotto with almost a full head of hair, which means he chooses the bald look.

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