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Alyssa Pierro, 13, is ready to fight

Alyssa Pierro poses during the Long Island Amateur

Alyssa Pierro poses during the Long Island Amateur Boxing Championships at Gleason's Gym. August 11, 2012. Credit: James Escher / Newsday

Alyssa Pierro’s father wasn’t too thrilled about his daughter’s decision to take up boxing.

The 13-year-old Bohemia resident was initially interested in MMA. Her father Joe wasn’t happy about that either, but her passion for the sports convinced him to let her do what her heart desires.

“I wasn’t too keen on her doing either,” said Joe Pierro. “As she started doing we saw that she had the talent. She stuck with it and she trained hard.”

It also helped that Joe Pierro and his father were avid boxing fans.

Said Joe Pierro: “Growing up my father loved boxing. So every fight that was ever on we watched. And she’s in great shape. At her gym there’s not one kid who trains as hard as her.”

So why boxing? It’s not exactly the sport a 13-year-old girl is attracted to.

“I wanted to do MMA, but I started boxing and I kind of liked it better. I just decided to stick with it,” said Alyssa Pierro, who trains at the Heavy Hitters Gym in Bohemia.

Alyssa was scheduled to fight Viviana Melgar in a 125-pound bout at the Long Island Amateur Boxing Championships at Gleason’s Gym on Saturday night. Melgar was disqualified for being overweight and Alyssa was awarded the title.

It was a disappointment for Alyssa, who lost to Melgar in two previous bouts, but she didn’t let it diminish her passion to fight.

"I was looking forward to it," said Pierro, who was told the news two hours prior. "I was pretty bummed out, but things happen for a reason."

Next up for Alyssa is a possible amateur tournament in Westchester.

Alyssa’s coaches, Lance Holley and Tom Cirello are convinced she has the talent and potential to be a force in boxing. "People need to see her fight," Holley said. "She's the real deal."

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