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Army veteran Badgley outclassed in theatric 1st round TKO debut-loss to Gonzalez

Hey guys, Tony Olivero here with an update from the Garden’s undercard tonight prior to the Calderon-Iribe main event which is still to come.

Well, this post was originally going to fill you in on the details from the third fight of the night – the Angel Gonzalez-Will Rosinsky Light Heavyweight six rounder which the undefeated Rosinsky won by TKO in three. But thanks to one of the strangest first rounds of the year I’ll hit you with a two fight update as former U.S. Army helicopter figther Steve Badgley was absolutely smothered in the first round of his bout in a quick loss to former winless fighter Carlito Gonzalez.

It couldn’t have been a worse situation for Badgley’s debut as he was knocked down twice by Gonzalez by the 1:55 mark of the first round. The Watertown, N.Y. native Badgley was floored originally on left-handed shots by Gonzalez. He just looked outclassed and overall just much more out of physical shape than the formerly winless fighter.

After he was knocked down originally, Badgley appeared in a daze as he struggled to find the neutral corner. Gonzalez recognized Badgley’s peril right away as he pounced on the former member of the U.S. Army in a rather unorthodox fashion. The final offensive came in an almost full out sprint from Gonzalez across the ring to Badgley. Gonzalez ran, squared-up and fired at the hurt Badgley. Within seconds referee Gary Roasdo stopped the bout.

Badgley remained back-down on the canvas for the better part of a minute before coming to his own.

If that wasn’t enough for a hectic first round, roughly ten to twenty seconds into the fight Gonzalez appeared to have injured his ankle seriously and fell to the canvas. It was not ruled a knockdown, and the crowd at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden (which is filling in quite nicely more than an hour before the Calderon-Iribe fight is scheduled to start) got a nice chuckle out of it after last weekends leg injury suffered by Yuri Foreman against Gonzalez’s countryman Miguel Cotto. It was almost a collective gasp of, “oh no, here we go again”.

But Gonzalez recovered to pick up his first professional win in easy fashion.

Be sure to check back in here at The Neutral Corner blog as I’ll be filling you in on the other fights tonight including Will Rosinky’s three round TKO win over Angel Gonzalez. I’ll also post some live observations here from the Garden and things to look out for in the main event just prior to the Calderon-Iribe bout.

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