The middleweight championship fight between Bernard Hopkins and Felix Trinidad was scheduled for Sept. 15, 2001, at Madison Square Garden. When terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, the fight was postponed for two weeks.

"I just came in from running in Central Park, maybe eight, 8:30," Hopkins recalled about that morning. "I didn't know what happened. Maybe a helicopter. Then another plane sliced through, the second plane sliced through the second building. So now I knew that it was an attack and that this is not an accident. This is intentional. This is an attack on America."

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It became immediately obvious that there would be no fight.

"I knew for sure that this fight was not going to take place," said Hopkins. "You would be insensitive to even talk about a fight."

The fight was moved to Sept. 29. It was an emotionally charged evening in the Garden and Hopkins pulled off a tremendous upset. But it wasn't only a victory for Hopkins, it was a victory for the city of New York.

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