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Cotto and Steward: Perfect combo

Miguel Cotto (L) listens to Emanuel Steward at

Miguel Cotto (L) listens to Emanuel Steward at media day for Cotto-Ricardo Mayorga fight. (Feb. 22, 2010) Credit: Tom Farina / Top Rank

Miguel Cotto is expecting a lot from Ricardo Mayorga when the two meet on March 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The WBA world 154-pound champion is hoping his second camp with legendary trainer Emanuel Steward will lead to big things.

“I feel very good working for him. He wants me to go back to my boxing style and it’s working very well,” Cotto said. “This is our second camp together and we are getting to know each other and working much better together this time around.”

Steward trained Cotto in his last fight, a ninth-round stoppage over Yuri Foreman at Yankee Stadium last June.

"We are working better this second time because we know each other better," Steward said. "He is very smart and is open to everything I bring him."

As for Mayorga, Cotto is ready for anything.

“Mayorga is a wild puncher and you have to be very concentrated at all times,” Cotto said. “He’s a big puncher and will try to use his power, but he will be ready for whatever he brings that night.”

Steward agreed.

“Mayorga is wild and throws punches from everywhere and that’s the biggest challenge for Miguel in this fight,” Steward said.

The Showtime pay-per-view fight begins at 9 p.m.

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