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Cotto wins via 9th round TKO

The fight ends before the 10th begins as Referee Steve Smoger stops it on the advice of the ringside doctor. Cotto was on a way to an easy win, according to the Neutral Corner scorecard. Cotto was the fresher and more active fighter of the two. Cotto improves to 37-2, 30 KOs. Margarito drops to 38-9, 27 KOs.

The Neutral Corner had it scored 88-83 after nine rounds. Note to fight fans: The referee is the only ring official who can stop a fight. Smoger stopped the fight on advice from the ringside doctors.

Round 9: It's become a boxing lesson. Cotto is staying on Margarito's right and avoiding his power. Just before the round started, the ringside doctor took an extra few seconds to examine Margarito's right eye. That probably helped Cotto more, who's been bouncing around the entire fight. Cotto connected with a vicious combo with a minute left in the round. And landed a right with 40 seconds left. Cotto wins the 9th and leads 88-83 after 9.

Round 8: Cotto started the round with a nice combo and continued to keep Margarito off balance the rest of the way. He landed a great left hook with about 2 minutes left in the round. Both fighters caught a breather as referee Steve Smoger stopped the fight to have Cotto get a glove re-taped. Margarito tried to come back with a flurry in the final minute, but Cotto snapped him back with a hard left hool. Cotto wins the round and leads, 78-74 after 8.

Round 7: Margarito landed a solid uppercut and actually hit on a couple of body shots, but Cotto made him pay with his left jab each time. Margarito's right eye is almost closed and he can't see Cotto's left. Cotto wins the round and leads 68-65 after 7. 

Round 6: Margarito had a hard time finding Cotto. And Cotto landed several combos, particularly in the final minute of the round. If Cotto continues to move his feet, he'll win this one going away. Cotto leads, 58-56, after six.

Round 5: Good round for Margarito, who went to the body effectively. Cotto was still sticking and moving, but Margarito caught him on the body on more than one occassion. Margarito wins the round, but Cotto is ahead, 48-47 after five.

Round 4: Cotto is still landing his left cleanly, but Margarito is beginning to make enough to space between the two to land his jab. These two had some great exchanges. Cotto wins the round because he landed the cleaner shots. Cotto leads after four rounds, (39-37), 3-1. 

Round 3: Margarito won the last 30 seconds to steal round 3. It was great action from both sides. Cotto left himself open for Margarito's straight right. Margarito wins, 10-9. Cotto leads after three rounds, 29-28 (2-1).

Round 2: Cotto wins round 2, also, but it was a little closer. Cotto is landing his left with ease. But Margarito landed a few straight lefts that will keep Cotto honest. Cotto, 20-18. (2-1).

Round 1: Round 1 is all Miguel Cotto. He connected with several left jabs and even landed a few left hooks. Not sure if Margarito can even see Cotto's left coming in time to avoid it. Cotto, 10-9.

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