Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Dawson wins on all three cards

Dawson gets the win and improves to 30-1. Diaconu drops to 27-3. The judges scored the bout all in favor of Dawson, 117-111, 118-110, 116-112.

I had it 117-111

Dawson landed 240 shots compared to just 106 for Diaconu.

Next up for Dawson is a fight against the winner of Hopkins and Pascal. The question is who Dawson wants. Does he want the rematch with Pascal or a shot at the living legend in Hopkins?

Dawson nearly suffered a late-round meltdown like he did in his only loss to Pascal. Diaconu made him pay with a couple of combos in the 12th. The one thing Dawson has been able to do is not allow Diaconu to get a steady flow going. Diaconu won the 12th, but not enough to steal the fight. Dawson wins the fight, 9 rounds to 3. Dawson 117, Diaconu 11.

Dawson came back after a shaky ninth and cruised through the 10th. He was more effective with his jab and left hook than he’d been in a few rounds. Diaconu tried to make a fight of it, but Dawson stood his ground. Dawson fell to the canvas in the 11th, but it was correctly ruled a slip. No damage was done. Dawson wins round 11 on the strength of Diaconu not being able to force the action. Dawson began to pepper him again with the lead right in the final minute. Dawson leads 9 rounds to 2 after 11. Dawson 108, Diaconu 101.

Diaconu finally broke through in round seven. He’s getting more aggressive with his combinations. Dawson has left himself open a couple of times, but Diaconu hasn’t been able to take advantage. Dawson is using his height (6-2) and reach to his advantage. Dawson won round eight by picking and choosing when to attack. He’s drifting a bit, but he’s still been able to hold Diaconu off. Round nine belonged to Diaconu, who took advantage of Dawson trying to stand toe-to-toe with him. Diaconu landed a great overhand right. Dawson was stunned for a second. Dawson leads 7 rounds to 2 after nine. Dawson 88, Diaconu 83.

It’s been all Dawson through the first six rounds. He’s been peppering Diaconu with his right jab and has been following it up with a stiff left hook and lead. Outside of a little flurry from Diaconu in the fourth, Dawson has had no problems. And Dawson still won that round. But Diaconu got more aggressive after the fourth round and began landing combinations. Not enough to hurt Dawson, though. Just just out the punchstat numbers. Dawson has landed more than double the shots Diaconu does. Dawson leads 6 rounds to none. Dawson 60, Diaconu, 54.


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