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Don King launches iPhone app

It's not only in America, it's all over cyberspace. Don King has launched his first iPhone app.

“I know a great promotion and apps are the best internet products promoted since Facebook,” said the hall-of-fame promoter.

The app was launched this week as part of Don King’s promotion of the June 25 HBO-televised card featuring Devon Alexander-Lucas Matthysse and Yusaf Mack-Tavoris Cloud.

Not only will news and video updates be available about his promotions, the app also includes an in-depth biography of Don King, never before seen videos from his legendary career and some of King’s most memorable photos. Users can shake their iPhone and hear King’s most notorious quotes.

King said he used to create his own app because, it's for all people and he  is for the people and of the people.

“Apps are tools to unite people of all nations and creeds by empowering them to have a shared mobile phone experience," said King. "With appsbar anyone can make an app in thirty minutes and it doesn't discriminate by phone or budget.”

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