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Fight night: Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey

We are moments away from the bout folks.

Tonight's fight is important for both fighters. A win by Manny Pacquiao still leaves the door open for a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., assuming he beats Shane Mosley. A win for Clottey means a big step up in status in the boxing world. Clottey needs the win to command the big opponents.

It was a relatively tame first round. But Pacquiao was the aggressor and landed a solid right around the 1:45 mark. He also worked the body well. Clottey was not aggressive, which hurt him against Miguel Cotto. Pacquiao easily won round one.

Pacquiao landed several three-punch combos and was again the aggressor. Clottey sat back the most of the round with his hands up. Clottey needs to understand that Pacquiao has the durability to be the aggressor the entire fight. Pacquiao won round 2.

 Clottey showed some spark, but Pacquiao was still the more active of the two. Clottey landed two solid rights and an uppercut, but Pacquiao still out punched him. The two and three-punch combos to the body are going to wear Clottey down. Pacquiao wins round 3.

Clottey's corner needs to let him know that Pacquiao isn't Tommy Hearns. Pacquiao will bring the two and three-punch combos all night. Clottey is still roaming the ring with his hands up. This can't last. Round 4 to Pacman.

Clottey finally threw some punches. But Pacquiao reacted brilliantly...Pacman is pitching a shutout. He wins round 5...

Maybe I'm a hard judge, but Pacquiao is killing Clottey's body. It's one combo after another. Clottey is withstanding it, but he's not getting any points. He actually threw a couple of solid jabs. But he needs to do more. Pacquiao wins Round 6.

Eureka! Pacquiao has a little bruise under the right eye. Amazing when you consider that Clottey hasn't been as active. But Clottey was active in round 7. Pacquiao still landed some combos. Clottey gets round 7.  

Clottey's gloves has dropped a bit and Pacquiao is starting to really make him pay. Pacquiao is beginning to land the hook a little more. He landed a great five-punch combo. Clottey is beginning to wear down. You can hear a small smattering of boos. Pacquiao wins round 8.  

It was Pacquiao at it again. Someone needs to explain to me why Clottey refuses to let it loose. This was exactly what happened against Cotto. Pacquiao is practically begging Clottey to bring it. I wouldn't be surprised if Clottey's trainer stops the fight. Pacquiao wins Round 9.

Pacquiao leads 89-82 after nine rounds.

Pacquiao continued to attack the body. He landed an excellent three-punch combo to Clottey's mid section. He's been mixing his punches. Sometimes he goes to the jab, other times he uses the uppercut. But Clottey came back late in the round and landed two uppercuts and a nice right. But he backed off and got back into the defensive mode. He just let Pacquiao steal the round. Pacquiao wins round 10.

99-91 Pacquiao after 10.

Clottey needed to be brave in round 11. He started to show a little aggression, with two straight uppercuts and a good right. But Pacquiao countered and backed Clottey up again. This is not a good showing for Clottey. Pacquiao landed three solid body shots in the last 15 seconds. Pacquiao wins round 11.

Pacquiao is ahead 109-100 after 11 rounds. 

 An accidental head but delayed things a few seconds, but the fight resumed. Clottey landed two uppercuts. Where was that in the first six rounds? Clottey landed a straight right, but Pacquiao came back with a two-punch combo to the body. And he's continuing to pepper Clottey. Clottey came back with another uppercut. It's too little, too late, though. Pacquiao is still fast and landed two more multi-punch combos. This one is over folks. Pacquiao wins easily.

This was a boxing lesson put on by Pacquiao, who improves to 51-3-2.

Marcus Henry of the Neutral Corner scores it: 119-109

The judges scored the bout: 120-108, 119-109, 119-109 in favor of guess who? Manny Pacquiao...

So what does this mean? It keeps Pacquiao on top of things and sets up a potential mega-fight (we hope) with Mayweather. If Mosely upsets Mayweather, which is not out of the realm of possibilities, a Mosley-Pacquiao matchup would be in the cards. And to be honest, that fight would be easier to make than Pacquiao-Mayweather.

Fight notes: 50,994 people filled the $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium. Believe it or not, it wasn't the biggest crowd to view a fight in Texas. The Julio Cesar Chavez-Pernell Whitaker bout in 1993 drew 58,891 to the Alamodome in San Antonio.

In the earlier fight, Humberto Diaz scored a unanimous-decision win, 117-109, 117-109, 115-111, over David Diaz. Diaz won the vacant WBC lightweight title.

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