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Floyd Mayweather's new corner man

Floyd Mayweather Sr. in a clip from episode

Floyd Mayweather Sr. in a clip from episode 2 of Showtime's "All-Access: Mayweather vs. Guerrero." Credit: Showtime

You might notice something different about Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s corner when he squares off against Robert Guerrero on Saturday night. Mayweather Jr.’s father, Floyd Sr., will be in his corner instead of his uncle, Roger Mayweather.

This isn’t a surprise as Mayweather Jr. made this announcement some time ago. The question is will it affect his performance. The younger Mayweather had been at odds with his father for several years.

It got to the point where Mayweather Sr. actually had a chance to train Oscar de La Hoya for his fight against Mayweather Jr. But the elder Mayweather reportedly priced himself out of that opportunity.

Mayweather Sr., who helped train his son with Roger for Saturday, will run the corner.

“Well, my dad, of course-he's a boxing wizard and Roger's a boxing wizard, so you can't go wrong with either guy,” said Mayweather Jr. “My dad is the main trainer and of course, like I said before, it's not like I fired anyone. It's just that my dad's a little sick, but he's a lot healthier than Roger is.”
Mayweather Jr. furthered the point about his uncle’s health being the overriding reason for the change.

“Roger's health is not at its best right now and my main focus is I want a guy that's in my corner that's sharp and healthy,” Mayweather added. “But he still works day in and day out with me every day as far as and keeping me sharp…Roger still works me day in and day out, but fight night, my dad will be working my corner.”

As for the rift between father and son the last several years, Mayweather Jr. is trying to look forward.

Said Mayweather Jr.: “[As] far as me talking about what me and my dad-the argument we had in the past or the difference my dad and my uncle had in the past-that's the past. That's why we call it the past because we try to leave that in the past and focus on the future and the future should be bright and at this point in time, everything is going the way it should go.”

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