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Mayweather vs. Maidana Showtime 'All Access' episode 3 recap

Floyd Mayweather Jr. left, and Marcos Maidana pose

Floyd Mayweather Jr. left, and Marcos Maidana pose for photos during a news conference Wednesday, April 30, 2014, in Las Vegas. Photo Credit: AP / Isaac Brekken

This was a really crisp, well-paced episode. The transitions from camp to camp were smooth and the buildup to the end -- the fight -- worked well. In just three days, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana step into the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The bout will be televised by Showtime pay-per-view.

Here's more from Showtime's All Access, episode 3:

Best Spoken Line, Floyd Mayweather: "I'm a walking bank. I'm a walking fault. I can take 10 people around and make them all millionaires." It's admirable that Mayweather is setting up independent businesses for so many of his team members.

Best Spoken Line, Marcos Maidana: "Mayweather has never been hit by a man." We know that statement is false but we understand the sentiment.

Best Spoken Line, trainer, Robert Garcia: "I'm training him to give Mayweather that fight that he's never seen before. Throw a lot of punches... stay busy... be awkward."

Best Spoken Line, trainer, Robert Garcia, part 2: "We're not training to get lucky with one punch, we're training to win a fight round by round with a plan that we have."

The scenic view: The bike riding scene.

Training Days: Maidana and Mikey Garcia sparring and Maidana taking a baseball bat to the heavy bag.

Best supporting cast: The 4-year-old skateboarder rolling through. He's being sponsored by Mayweather and according to several web sites, his name is Lil Rome Diddy.?

Best written line: An excellent episode for Mark Kriegel. Here are three examples:

"Whenever the king calls, the court assembles, their fate linked to his fortune."

"The four hours it takes to tattoo the belt are nothing compared to the years it took to win it."

"At some point experience manifests itself as age, when the favorite is ripe for an upset."

* Loved the Go Pro on Mayweather's bike.

* Have never heard of a fighter getting a tattoo as close to the fight as Maidana did.

* It's incredible that All Access is still spending time on Mayweather's former fiancee. It was also poor storytelling to allow Floyd to tell the audience that she was pregnant with twins, but then not provide a definitive answer as to what happened with the pregnancy.

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