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Mayweather vs. Guerrero: Showtime All-Access Episode 2

Floyd Mayweather Jr., exits the Clark County Detention

Floyd Mayweather Jr., exits the Clark County Detention Center after serving two months of a three-month sentence in a misdemeanor domestic battery case, Friday, Aug. 3, 2012, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken) Credit: AP Photo Isaac Brekken

Few boxing dads can upstage Floyd Mayweather Sr.

But Ruben Guerrero did so on Wednesday night's second episode of Showtime's "All Access," the preview show to the May 4 welterweight title fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Robert Guerrero.

Ruben Guerrero repeatedly took shots at Mayweather and his "Money Team." It makes for great television, but one fears if the senior Guerrero is running up a tab that his son will have to pay on fight night.

Here's look back at Episode 2 of Showtime's "All-Access: Mayweather vs. Guerrero," which aired Wednesday night.

Best spoken line, Floyd Mayweather Jr.: "To be the best, you've got to work overtime," on his way to his third workout of the day.

Best spoken line, Floyd Mayweather Jr., part 2: "The Money Team has nothing to do with money. Even if you're a thousandaire and you feel like a millionaire, you're with The Money Team. If you're a millionaire that feels like a billionaire, you're with The Money Team. If you have no money at all, but you're rich at heart, you're with The Money Team." ... No idea what that actually means, but pretty sure The Money Team knows what he's talking about.

Best spoken line, Robert Guerrero: "Next week it will be 11,000 (feet in elevation) and then we'll come back down to Vegas, at 3,000 and climb over Floyd Mayweather."

Training Days: Running in the elevation of Mt. Charleston.

Best written line: Robert Guerrero has come to the mecca of all distractions to sharpen his focus.

Best supporting cast: Richard Barrientos, owner of the Pound for Pound Gym. Based solely on his mustache.

The scenic view: Water fountains in front of the Bellagio.

More highlights

Floyd Mayweather showed some nice skills on the court. Just wondering how many people involved with the promotion cringed watching him play, as he jeopardized turning an ankle or twisting a knee?

* In all of these shows -- "All Access" and HBO's "24/7" -- we've seen Mayweather consume an awful lot of fast food.

* Loved The Money Team at the Final Four.

* Loved the murals in the IBA Gym.

* Funny, and interesting, that Floyd Sr. pointed out that Guerrero will be facing three Mayweathers. This may be the first time that Floyd Sr., Floyd Jr. and Roger (a former two-division world champ) are in the same corner for the same fight.

* Someone should remind Ruben Guerrero, Robert's father, that Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a pretty good fighter in his day.

* Ruben Guerrero's derisive statements about Mayweather being in protective custody "with the snitches" was misleading. In most cases, incarcerated celebrities are not placed in general population. It just makes sense from a prison-management standpoint. Jails are often filled with people who have nothing to lose. That's why celebs are usually housed in restricted units and that was definitely the case with Mayweather.

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