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HBO 24/7 Mayweather-Mosley, episode 2

A very good episode. It opened with Floyd Mayweather Jr. once again deriding Sugar Shane Mosley. It gets better from there. We'll pass on giving Floyd a Best Spoken Line this week because it's basically the same rant about Mosley. This week it was tiring and a bit too obnoxious.

Best Spoken Line, Sugar Shane Mosley: "I don't bark. I bite."

Best spoken Line, Naazim Richardson: "At some point in time he's gonna try and knock your dome off." Talking about Shane.

Best Supporting Cast: It was going to be Naazim Richardson once again, but we could not overlook the appearance of the precocious Floyd Diaz, who really knows how to hit those mitts.

Best Written Line: It can be a confounding paradox, glimpses of humanity so enchanting even as they come from those who thrive on ruthlessness. They are fathers and sons as well as fighters. Which is, perhaps, why they will stop at nothing in the search for victory.

Training Days: Any time Floyd hits the pads, it's a lock.

* While we're blood testing everyone for steroids and other PEDs, how about getting Floyd's security crew tested.

* Hannah Montana  makes 24/7!

* Paging Brother Naazim. My bet is that Richardson gets a lot more work off his appearances on 24/7.. He's philosophical, smart, loyal and appears to know his stuff. Whether he's barking on the conference call about Floyd injecting his hands, tearing down Floyd's street cred or yawning during his fight, Shane has to love that this guy is in his corner.

* Loved the bouffant  hairuct scene.

* Sorry Roger, you are not the hardest working dude in showbiz. Your nephew is.

* A classy appearance by Jack Mosley. Also classy that Richardson thought of Jack first before taking the job. 

* I don't know if he says it to keeo his psyche where it is and if he trule believes it. But, for the record, Floyd is not better than Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.

* It's easy to look at Floyd as the bad guy, get annoyed at his trash talk and suddenly it melts away when you see him in the ring with all those kids. (See last week's best written line).

Interesting dynamic unfolding during this series because on each side we have three generations of trainers and fighters. Here's an observatiion. There aren't many middle class world champions in the history of boxing. And, even less, if any, upper class world champions. Keep that in mind while watching Shane Mosley Jr. and even Lehkei Mayweather, or any of Floyd's kids. More than any other athlete, to me, fighters have this hunger that burns from within. In my opinion, they have something in them from childhood that allows them to fight. Allows them to want to fight. Think about it, why fight if you don't have to?

Next episode airs April 24.

PHOTOSFloyd Mayweather Jr. and "Sugar" Shane Mosley in training

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