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HBO 24/7 Mayweather-Mosley, episode 4

Call this the calm before the storm. THe series tapered off nicely, taking a more calm and cerebral approach in the final episode. Hopefully, this builds into the crescendo that is the fight on May 1.

Best spoken line, Floyd Mayweather Jr.: "You gonna love me or hate me, but you gonna respect me." Yes, we will give you that much.

Best spoken line, Floyd Mayweather Jr., part 2: "... we all may shadow box the same... we all may jump rope the same ... but we all don't perform under the lights the same."

Best spoken line, Naazim Richardson: "You don't go through 12 years of school and then a week before graduation decide, I don't want to do this no more." Explaining that the fight is easier than the camp.

Best spoken line, Naazim Richardson, part 2: "Until your challenged people are not going to accept the fact that you are the best."

Best written line: Great use of the neon graveyard to set this line up -- "No matter what they say, all fighters have an intimate relationship with inevitability." ... seguing into the entire closing sequence. Well done.

The Scenic View: The caravan out of Big Bear from Shane's compound.

Training Days: Floyd jumping rope. You could charge admission just to watch this guy train.

Best supporting cast: All the little boys training around Floyd Mayweather.

Nice scene early on with Floyd talking about the future of his kids. Very touching and very nice. They are lucky kids... He says, "The only people I can count on are my four babies." Must be hard not having them live with him full time.

Interesting scene in which Shane is trying to make weight and submit to a urine sample. Great quote from one of  the drug testers -- "If all athletes were subjected to this kind of testing we would clean up every sport in America over  night."

How ridiculous and obnoxious is it that the seven bodyguards move someone's car so Floyd can park in a better spot? By doing so, are they operating outside the laws of Nevada? Perhaps someone will take notice.

Great point by my friend "Big Cat" at work ... Floyd ranted over and over again how he fights for money, fights for  the paycheck. And, in his own opinion, he is the greatest fighter of all time. Then how did he let the fight with Manny Pacquiao -- which would have been the highest grossing in history -- slip away?

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