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HBO 24/7 Mayweather-Ortiz, episode 2

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 28: Floyd Mayweather

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 28: Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz face off at a press conference about their upcoming fight on June 28, 2011 at the Hudson Theatre in New York City. (Photo by Daniel Barry/Getty Images) Photo Credit: Getty/Daniel Barry

Ok, part two of blue collar vs. obnoxious excess.

The show opens with some carry over from last week's tumultuous closing between father Floyd and son Floyd.

Best spoken line, Floyd Mayweather Jr.: "I can care less about what my father is doing. I don't ever have to speak to him again in my life. I'm fine."

So sad.

Best spoken line, Victor Ortiz: (to Floyd) "What can you do to me that hasn't been done already? There is nothing that this man can say to me, or even try to say to me, that hasn't been said to me."

Best spoken line, Victor Ortiz, part 2:  "Fear doesn't exist in my dictionary any more."

Best supporting cast: Again, the humble, hard-working Danny Garcia.

Best written line: It's an intriguing theory. Losing everything and surviving it can beget fearlessness and that in turn can produce boundless ambition.

The scenic view: Handle bar shot of Ortiz's brother riding the bike. Was that a GoPro camera?

Training days: Floyd's 1 a.m. workout.

What is it about Dad's and boxing? Very poignant moment when Victor Ortiz talks about getting the tattoo changed across his back.

Completely obnoxious scene in the opening with Floyd and 50 Cent using stacks of bills as phones. It takes a turn for the better when 50 talks to Floyd about not arguing with his father. One last note, there will come a day when Floyd wishes he didn't waste all his money. And this next statement is a certainty. Floyd is famous for tweeting pictures of his winning betting slips on the NBA, NFL, etc. He does lose, he just doesn't share those moments with the public. Far more gamblers go broke than bookmakers.

Ortiz touches on the subject of money and future later in the episode, when he admonishes Floyd for burning one hundred dollar bills just for the fun of it. For a 24-year-old, he has an incredible perspective on life, something which Floyd severely lacks.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best at taking a fighter's words and using them against that fighter. More than any other participant in the series, he watches 24/7 and uses what he sees for motivation or a psychological edge. Case in point with Ortiz, when he said he wasn't there in the loss to Marcos Maidana. Floyd, in a more PG version, "You were there that night!"

The little moments like Danny Garcia jumping rope are what makes 24/7 priceless.

Sad that of all the hangers on in camp Mayweather, it is former world champion Conelius Boza Edwards who is shown sweeping the floor of the gym. Boza was a very good fighter. I had the opportunity to interview him once in Canastota. A good man.

Near the end of the show, Floyd said people don't like that he speaks his mind because he is young, black and rich. That has nothing to do it. People don't like when he speaks his mind because he generally has nothing nice to say. Unless he's talking about himself.

 'I Gotta Be Me,' great theme song for any fighter.


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