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HBO 24/7 Mayweather-Ortiz, episode 4

Final episode. Perhaps the best 24/7 series yet. Thank the Mayweather clan for that.

Best spoken line, Floyd Mayweather Jr.: (speaking to Oscar de la Hoya) "This is old news, I already kicked his ---. He's no longer relavent."

Best spoken line, Victor Ortiz: (an arriving in Las Vegas) "We're hear to end a career and start a new one."

Best supporting cast: Joe "Hoss" Janik. Ortiz's strength and conditioning coach. Not many guys can pull off the mohawk.

Best written line: If life can be a roller coaster, Floyd Mayweather has learned to treasure the moments at the top.

The scenic view: Shots through the open door at Pat Barry's gym.

Loved the amusement park scene.

It seems like HBO is going out of its way to remind us that Floyd had a rough childhood too.

Barry's Gym in Las Vegas would be that off Pat Barry, former tough Long Island fighter who used to box at Sunnyside Garden and the Commack Arena.

Funny, Floyd taping across the eyes of Ortiz on the poster hanging near the speed bag. "You don't deserve to look in our gym."

The scene of recurring images at Mayweather's gym was outstanding.

Larry Johnson, former New York Knick in the gym.

Floyd goes after Oscar again, "I'm not like Oscar de la Hoya, I'm not hiding," when talking about his personal life.

Floyd, "If me and my Dad never speak again, I'm OK." There must be some deep hurt there.

I like that Ortiz continues to smile and shrug off all the pressure and all the hype. I think he has the right frame of mind to win this fight. Just not sure he has the right skills.





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