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HBO 24/7 Miguel Cotto-Sergio Martinez episode 2 recap

WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez, right, of Argentina,

WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez, right, of Argentina, and challenger Miguel Cotto, of Puerto Rico, pose for photos during a news conference in New York's Madison Square Garden, Tuesday, March 11, 2014, to promote their scheduled June 7, 2014 bout. Credit: AP / Richard Drew

The star of this episode was New York City. In HBO's second and final "24/7" episode for this fight, almost all of the footage was shot once Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto arrived in New York. The vibe, culture and landmarks of the city were featured prominently.

On Saturday, at Madison Square Garden, Martinez puts his WBC middleweight title on the line against Cotto, who is seeking to win a world championship in his fourth weight class. Here are some thoughts on HBO's second installment of "24/7 Cotto-Martinez:"

Best spoken line, Miguel Cotto: "With no doubt, I am going to be the winner."

Best spoken line, Sergio Martinez: "To fight here is the dream of any boxer in the world," on fighting in New York City at Madison Square Garden.

Best spoken line, Martinez, part 2: "Today, when we look at each other in the eyes, we might show rage, or fury, or a smile. In the ring, we'll look at each other and see who we really are."

The scenic view: The opening exteriors of Madison Square Garden.

Training Days: Martinez on the treadmill and exercise bike. Incredible how much sweat can exit one man's body.

Best written line: Ordinary men do not seek out such common forms of self appraisal. They do not form bonds that redefine the depths of trust. They do not make physical punishment the foundation of so many of their days. They do not choose to make fighting their livelihood.

Best supporting cast: Once again, Lou DiBella, this time fighting the good fight for knee braces.

Freddie Sez: "He [Martinez] is a good athlete, I will give him that, but he is not a good boxer." As usual, Freddie Roach stirs the pot during fight week.

-- Always enjoy when they show fighters and trainers watching the previous episode of "24/7." The segment they highlighted essentially suggested Cotto is too old and too set in his style to learn anything new. That prompted sarcasm from strength coach Gavin MacMillan, who said, "You can't learn a thing, apparently, from the greatest trainer in the history of the sport."

-- Liked the horse and carriage ride for Roach and assistant trainer Marvin Samodio.

-- Nice touch by Cotto, hosting members of the "Wounded Warriors" at his workout.

-- Caught a shot of Newsday's Greg Logan at the fight's final news conference.

-- Nice scenes of Cotto with his family in New York. It's seem as if "24/7" viewers have watched the Cotto kids grow up over the years.

-- Didn't realize it until the final shot of this episode, but Martinez is significantly bigger than Cotto.

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