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HBO 24/7 Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez episode 1 recap

Miguel Cotto during a super welterweight bout against

Miguel Cotto during a super welterweight bout against Delvin Rodriguez at Amway Center on October 5, 2013 in Orlando, Fla. Credit: Getty

Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez have long been two of the most popular and respected fighters in the sport. At a time when it is becoming increasingly harder to get boxing's biggest names in the same ring, this bout is refreshing. While both are probably at the latter stages of their careers, this is still a good fight for boxing. They meet on Saturday, June 7, at Madison Square Garden.

Here are some thoughts on HBO's first installment of "24/7" for Cotto-Martinez:

Best spoken line, Miguel Cotto: "I think if we made this decision before in my career, things would be different." Cotto talking about his relationship with trainer Freddie Roach.

Best spoken line, Sergio Martinez: "When the 10th round ends and there are only two left, another fight begins. The fight of the heart."

Best spoken line, Martinez, part 2: "[Cotto] is facing me at my best in the ring." Mind you, Martinez is 39.

The scenic view: While many of the shots in Miami were beautiful, none were as cool as the view of the Wild Card Gym through the chain link fence.

Training Days: Great shots (and interesting workout) of Miguel Cotto throwing punches in the pool.

Best written line: For anyone who has boxed, even just one time, it's a shared realization. There is no other method quite like this for measuring yourself.

Best supporting cast: The eloquent Lou DiBella.

* Great moment when producers showed Cotto the footage from a previous 24/7 during which Roach said that no one tells Cotto what to do during camp, that he calls the shots. Cotto's answer, "He was right."

* Freddie Roach, still looking jacked with his shirt off.

* It looked like the original "5th Street Gym" sign hanging inside the Biamonte gym in which Martinez trains. If it's the original, or a replica, it's still a nice touch.

* Bryan Perez, Cotto's friend and business partner, looks like a new man.

* A very cool perspective with the camera mounted on Cotto's Suburban as he drove to the gym during the opening. The streets were reflected in the car's black finish. Nice.

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