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HBO's 24/7 Mayweather-Mosley, epsiode 1

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is back on HBO's 24/7 and that always makes for interesting television. For the first time in the history of the series, the first three episodes will air on the same night of a live fight on HBO. This episode dealt a lot with performance enhancing drugs. Here we go.

Best Spoken Line, Sugar Shane Mosley: "I'm not boxing right now because I'm trying to get a paycheck. I am fighting right now because everybody is saying that these other guys are better than you. And I don't believe that. I want to show them that I am the best."

Best spoken Line, Naazim Richardson, "The human body is not built for this sport." and then "The human body is so magnificent it will respond."

Best Spoken Line, Floyd Mayweather Jr.: "Must have woke up in the hot tub time machine." When talking about Shane Mosley's hairstyle. Love him or hate him, the man is funny.

Best Spoken Line, Floyd Mayweather Jr., part 2: "Too many fighters dying, too many fighters getting brain damaged. You don't know what these fighters are taking." While talking about the importance of drug testing.

Best Spoken Line, Floyd Mayweather Jr., part 3: "I'm getting tested today? Yes!" Has a world class athlete ever been so excited to take a blood test?

Best Supporting Cast: The cool, calm, the very quotable Naazim Richardson.

Scenic View: Spring snowstorm at Big Bear.

Best Written Line: There are many different sides to Floyd Mayweather. At any given moment, you never know which one will emerge. (So, true.)

Training Days: The sequence with Richardson swinging the blue -- rubber or styrofoam sticks -- at Mosley. I've only seen them in MMA workouts thus far.

We're tired of hearing about athletes unknowingly taking performance enhancing drugs. It became such a stock answer it was too difficult to find out who was telling the truth. Shane said this about seven years ago when he got caught up in the BALCO mess, so we'll let it pass. But we don't want to hear it anymore. And we're glad there is testing because Floyd is right. More than any other sport, boxing can be a life-and-death proposition,so cheaters are not only breaking the law, they could be causing permanent damage. So yeah, we're glad to hear Floyd say, "Anti-doping baby, they are going to be on your --- Shane."

Oops. Was that a shot of Mark Taffet at Floyd's gala?

When Shane said, "I've done this so many times." He's right. It's hard to count this guy out.

Love to see the relationship between Floyd Sr. and Floyd Jr., especially the dance scenes at the gala.

Nice touch. Rocky music at the end.

Next episode airs April 17  9:30 p.m.

PHOTOSFloyd Mayweather Jr. and "Sugar" Shane Mosley in training


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