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HBO's 24/7 Pacquiao-Cotto, episode four

The final episode and it was a good one.

Best Spoken Line, Miguel Cotto: "I don't need nobody to trust in me, to believe in me. I have the correct people beside me. The people who stay with me in the good days, but they stay more in the bad days. If you wake up every day and try to bring the best you can bring ... You don't have to prove anything, to anybody."

Best Spoken Line, Freddie Roach: "People around Manny Pacquiao are telling him it's an easy fight. They are idiots. It's the toughest fight of his life."

Best Spoken Line, Sylvester Stallone: "Like in a movie it's all about the director, in a football game it's all about the coach, it's all about the trainer."

Best Written Line: For a man who makes his living teaching fighters how to avoid punches, this blow has proven difficult to counter.

Best Supporting Cast: There was a lot to choose from in this episode. But we have to go with Bob Arum. Yes, he once said, "Yesterday I was lying but today I am telling the truth," but we believed him when he spoke about the emotional tug of war he'll have on fight night watching two of his top fighters try to beat each other. It may not be the case with every fight, but you get the feeling he likes these guys.

Best Supporting Cast -- the extras: Wayne Newton and Carrot Top came off as cartoons and maybe that's why they were on the show. Was disappointed that Sylvester Stallone dissed Miguel Cotto the way he did. I have friends -- and one relative (Dad) -- who appeared in every part of the Rocky series and it was always portrayed to me how much Stallone respects fighters. He didn't come off that way. Mickey Rourke, however, came off like a champ when he saw Roach, his former trainer.

Loved ... the Cotto-Pacquiao buses.

Loved ... the food confessions in Cotto's camp. It didn't take Bryan long to give up Joe.

Loved ... family arrivals.

Wow ... Gov. Bill Richardson on the waiting list?

Risque. Cotto in the shower.

Wayne Newton says fighters don't feel like they've made it unless they play Vegas. Remember when same was said about Madison Square Garden?

Nice segment on Freddie Roach's brother, Joe. Especially when Freddie talks about the cell phone.

Imagine how it feels to be one of Cotto's kids and climb on that bus?

Loved ... the old boxing shots of Freddie Roach.

Nice job from HBO to get footage from today's weigh-in into the show.

The combination of written word, spoken word, footage and music over the final two minutes should be enough to clinch an Emmy.

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