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HBO's 24/7 Pacquiao-Margarito, episode 1

It's nice to have 24/7 back. We've missed it. Jimmie Johnson was cool and I'm sure the hockey episodes will be fun, but 24/7 was born in boxing and is at its best with boxing.

This is the build up to the November 13, Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito fight on PPV.

Best spoken line, Manny Pacquiao: "I know what is the feelng of being nothing in life." I bet a lot fighters have felt that.

Best spoken line, Antonio Margarito: "Beating him (Pacquiao) will stop the talk
that I went into the ring wth something illegal."

Best written line: "Two fighters linked solely by self-belief present a dramatic
study in contrasts. Statesman, outlaw, dominance, desperation."

Freddie Sez: "If I can make somebody happy for a moment by taking a picture, I am
never going to say no."

Best Supporting Cast: Too early for another personality to emerge. So, let's say the scenery. Wonderful establishing shots. 

Training Days: I want to know what it is that Robert Garcia is hitting Margarito in the stomach with?

Nice job by HBO to address the entire hand-wrap scandal, particularly pointing out
that Texas issued Margarito a license without a hearing. Margarito looked and
sounded sincere, but who really knows? I will always think back to the beating he put on Miguel Cotto and wonder.

Let's see, we've covered urine, Turkey boogers, Ricky Hatton in a thong, and now thanks to Antonio Margarito, flatulence.
Amir Khan will learn a lot -- not just boxing -- from being around Manny Pacquiao.

This is all I am going to say about Antonio Margarito right now, he's big. He is really big.

One more from Long Island's own Aaron Cohen ... "No one ever said fighters were ordinary men."

Next episode is on October 30 at 10 p.m.



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