Good Morning
Good Morning

HBO's 24/7 Pacquiao-Margarito, episode 4

Final episode, here we go:

Best spoken line, Michelle Margarito: "Yeah, I'm nervous but Tony sleeps like a baby." HBO always does a nice job focusing on the fighter's wives. They have the least control of the situation with the most to lose.

Best spoken line, Manny Pacquiao: "But I'm not going to stay long in boxing, that's what I tell you now."

Best written line: "The encounter Saturday night is the sole crossing point of their identities."

Freddie Sez: "This is all I care about. All I do is boxing. I don't have a wife, I don't have kids. I do have 14 fighters that need to win."

Best Supporting Cast: How could it not be Robert Duvall? He was nominated for best Supporting Actor three times. (He won Best Actor for "Tender Mercies.") He's played the supporting role to DeNiro, Pacino, Redford and Cruise. Why not here too?

Scenic View: The shots of Cowboys Stadium.

Training Days: Margarito on the treadmill at 1:00 a.m.

At first, Brandon Rios was funny, now he's classless.

Nice touch, spending time on John Arum.

Didn't really need the time with Jerry Jones.

Funny, when Margarito's wife gave the "I'm watching you sign," at her husband's abs.

Love that Pacquiao works out at high school tracks.

Funny, and sublte, PacMan knocking into the guy posing for a photo near the track.

Damn. Margarito looks a lot bigger.

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