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Hopkins (46) oldest to win belt

Bernard Hopkins did it. He beats Jean Pascal to become the oldest fighter (46) to win a major belt. He wins the WBC light heavyweight title. The judges scored it 115-113, 116-112, 115-114 in favor of Hopkins. I had it scored 115-113.

Hopkins improves to 52-5-2 and Pascal drops to 26-2-1.

This might have been one of the most amazing fights in recent memory, considering the circumstances. Hopkins will take on Chad Dawson sometime this fall.

Round 12: Pascal came at Hopkins hard in the 12th and hurt him early. Hopkins stayed on his feet though and didn't end up on the canvas. Pascal won the 12th, but Hopkins the fight in my opinion. Hopkins wins, 115-113.

Round 10-11: Hopkins has begun to land the left hook pretty easily and did so in the 10th. Pascal’s glove touched the canvas at the 1:10 mark, but it was ruled a slip. The same thing happened in the 9th and it was ruled a slip. Hopkins is landing both the right and left hand now. Pascal had a little flurry toward the end of the 10th, but not enough to win it in my eyes. Hopkins took the 10th. The fighters exchanged blows for much of the 11th. Pascal showed some fight and landed a couple of tough rights hooks. But Hopkins has landed the more effective blows and edged Pascal in the 11th. Hopkins leads 7 rounds to 4 after 11. Hopkins 106, Pascal 103.

Round 7-9: Hopkins started doing push ups before the start of the seventh. He’s doing everything he can to get under Pascal’s skin, including kidney punches and head butts. Hopkins took his time in the 7th, but eventually started landing his left hook. Hopkins wins the 7th. Hopkins has landed more power punches through 7 (38-19). Hopkins landed a crushing right hand at the 1:35 mark of the 8th. Hopkins has really made Pascal feel his right hand. Pascal came back with a nice right at the 40 second mark, but Hopkins came back with a great right with 20 seconds left in the 8th. Hopkins takes the 8th. Hopkins landed a great right, but started losing a lead left, too. He’s also beginning to stand toe-to-toe with Hopkins. Hopkins takes the lead, 5-4, after nine rounds. Hopkins 86, Pascal 85.

Rounds 4-6: The fourth round was clearly the best of the fight as both boxers exchanged flurries. Pascal landed a huge right toward the end of the round that wobbled Hopkins. Both fighters are really being more aggressive. Pascal wins the fourth, though. Pascal is beginning to get inside at will on Hopkins. He landed two great straight rights to the body. Hopkins is starting to use his head and was warned for the second time. Every time Hopkins landed a shot, Pascal came back with a good right. Pascal wins the fifth. Hopkins took some momentum in the sixth, landing a couple of good straight rights. Referee Ian John-Lewis stopped the fight to warn both fighters to follow his instructions. Hopkins landed a great right lead with 10 seconds left in the sixth. Pascal is losing his composure and followed Hopkins to his corner. Or at least he tried to. Pascal leads 4 rounds to 2 after six. Pascal 58, Hopkins 56.

Rounds 1-3: Pascal danced a lot in the first round and rarely came inside on Hopkins. It could be the right strategy if Hopkins tries to chase him and force the action. Pascal wins round one for landing the only significant shots. Other than that it was a dull first stanza. There was a lot more action in the second round as both fighters went through a nice exchange at the 2:15 mark of the round. Pascal won the second round. He was just the more aggressive of the two. Pascal’s straight left is giving Hopkins some problems. Hopkins finally came on the attack in the third, landing a big overhand right. Pascal was hurt for a bit. Pascal was able to land a couple of rights, but Hopkins landed the harder shots. Pascal leads 2 rounds to 1 after three. Pascal 29, Hopkins 28.


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