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Hopkins to Pascal: Fight me again

Bernard Hopkins said he knows who won the fight.

And it wasn't Jean Pascal. The two fought to a draw last Saturday.

"Pascal is a hard punching, a young gun you gave it his all Saturday night," said Hopkins. "But he is 18 years younger than me and that speaks for itself. It showed Saturday night too by just getting a draw, which everyone knows is really a loss, against a 45 year old man."

Hopkins wants a rematch.

If this guy has a backbone and wants to walk around with his any kind of dignity and self-worth, the only thing he can do is fight me again. If that was me I know that is the only way I could really live with myself."

Whether or not these two will see each other in the ring again is up for debate. Pascal supposedly has to fight Chad Dawson in a rematch before he can get Hopkins again.

Hopkins, despite getting knocked down twice, is insisting that boxing needs to see the two go at it again.

Hopkins continued. "The whole thing is bad for boxing, bad for Pascal and especially bad for Canada. Pascal knows he should do the right thing and fight me as soon as tomorrow."

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