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Larry Holmes to appear on Centerstage on the YES Network

Former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes - who always speaks his mind - will appear on Centerstage at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16. The show will broadcast following the Jazz-Nets postgame report.

Here is a link to the Yes Network web site with highlights from the show.

Holmes has long been a colorful interview. The folks at YES sent us some of the topics that Holmes will touch upon:

On legendary fight promoter Don King and his role as a financial advisor:

Holmes: "I advised myself, along with Don King.  And Don was teaching me about money.  And boy, I learned about money.  And he gets one and two, three, four, and I get one.  Don King is rich.  I mean, it’s a crime this man has so much money like that—off of fighters.  He made so much money…off of us fighters.  Mind-boggling.  But he would teach you the game.  If you don’t know the game, he will teach you.  You might be broke when you finished, but he’ll teach you, and you’ll learn the game.  You hear me, Don King?  I am talking about you…" 

On why he didn’t want to fight an aging Muhammad Ali in 1980 in Las Vegas

Holmes:  "No, I didn’t want it, because I was put in a no-win situation.  If I win, they say, “Well, you know, Ali was old.”  If I lost, they say, “Well, I told you, he never had it.”  So, you know, I was in a no-win situation, but I had to do it.  And I won the fight, but I didn’t hurt Ali, and him and I remained friends.  He got paid a lot of money, and I got paid some money."

On the role of money in his decision to fight Mike Tyson in 1988, two years after Holmes retired:

Holmes: "I knew that I couldn’t beat Mike Tyson.  But again…Don King calls.  I was off two years with my band, traveling around with Kool and the Gang, the Temptations, singing ding ding ding, you know?  And drinking them Budweisers and stuff like that.  And (a) knock on the door, Don King, 3:00 o’clock in the morning.  “Larry, open the door.”  (I  replied) “Well, what are you doing, man?”  (King said) “I want you to fight Mike Tyson.”  (I replied) “You must be crazy.  I can’t beat Mike Tyson.  I ain’t did nothing for two years.”  (King said) “It’s three and a half million dollars.”  I said, “Well, come on in.”  He said, “But you got two months to get ready for the fight.”  I have two months?  I said, “Man, two months?”  He said, “Well, you have three and a half million.”  And I said, “I can’t beat Mike Tyson in two months, man.”  (King said) “Here is 500,000 cash.”  I said, “OK.” 


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