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Live from Las Vegas: Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley

 LAS VEGAS - ROUND BY ROUND, Mayweather vs. Mosley

ROUND 1: .Both fighters took time feeling each other out. Shane was active, but Floyd landed a few solid shots, including a solid overhand right with about 20 seconds left in the first round. Mayweather wins 10-9.

ROUND 2: It was a wrestling match early on as referee Kenny Bayless had to break the two up a couple of times. But Mosley came out swinging after that and handed a serious overhand right. He landed a straight right 20 seconds later and several more combinations. Floyd, landed a couple of straight rights to temper the attack, but he is really being tested early. Mosley wins round two 10-9.  

ROUND 3: Floyd answered the bell in the third and came out a little more aggressive than he usually does. He landed a great right-left combo midway through the round. He looks like he's trying to keep Shane at bay with his left jab. Mayweather wins round three 10-9. 

ROUND 4: Floyd started to take control, landing a nice left hook, but Mosley came back with a right and a combo midway through the round. But Floyd kept his composure and landed a hard right, pushing Mosley back to the ropes. Mayweather popped Mosley with two quick jabs to end the round. Mayweather wins round 4 10-9.

ROUND 5: Mosley keeps trying to size Floyd up, but it's not working. And the two have gotten entangled several times. Kenny Bayless has been working hard in this one. Floyd landed a decent combo with about a minute to go in the round. And snapped a good left 30 seconds later. He ended the round with a right hook after slipping a Mosley jab. Mayweather wins round 5 10-9.   

ROUND 6: Mayweather means business now. He landed an excellent straight right at the 1:32 mark of the 6th. He hit Mosley with a couple of more straight shots. Mayweather is just too fast for Mosley at this point. He ended the round with a left hook and straight left. Mayweather wins round 6 10-9.

ROUND 7: Mayweather has taken over this fight with a great left jab. He's even landed several left books along with a sneaky right. He sliced through Moslye's defense and landed three straight rights over a 30-second span. Mosley came back on the attack, but Floyd shook it off. Mayweather wins round 7 10-9.

ROUND 8: Things got a little testy in the eighth round as the two began jawing with each other after getting tangled up. Referee Kenny Bayless broke the two up. Mosley began shouting at Mayweather, who responded with a vicious right hook. Mayweather wins round 8 10-9.

ROUND 9: It was more of the same for Mayweather as he peppered Mosley with a few solid jabs, that brilliantly set up his right hook. Mosley is getting weary here. Mayweather wins the 9th 10-9.

ROUND 10: Mayweather got the crowd on its feet with a great lead left without about a minute to go. Shane will obviously need a knockout to win this. It's been a great show of defense on Mayweather's part. Mayweather wins the 10th 10-9.

ROUND 11: Shane is about done now. Mayweather is toying with him. Mosley hasn't landed a solid shot in several rounds and isn't likely to land one anytime soon. Mayweather seems to anticipate where every shot is coming from. Mayweather wins round 11 10-9.

ROUND 12: It was a typical win for Floyd. Too much speed and too much defense. Mosley still has something left, but Floyd is on a different level. Floyd wins round 12 10-9 and the fight.

I scored the bout 119-109.

The judges scored the bout 119-109, 119-109, 118-110.

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