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Lou DiBella parts ways with Jermain Taylor

It is the most difficult decision in boxing. When to say goodbye.

Whether it's the fighter, trainer, manager or promoter, the issue of retirement is not one taken lightly. Walk away from the sport, and what else does the fighter do? Many are ill-equipped for life after boxing. Fighting is all they know. Stay too long and you risk permanent injury. If not now, almost assuredly, later.

Walk away from a fighter and the promoter, manager or trainer walks away from a payday that someone else will gobble up.

Jermain Taylor -- who has been knocked out in his last two fights and has lost four of five -- will continue his boxing career. Promoter Lou DiBella won't be with him. DiBella, who took Taylor from the cradle to the crown, walks away with at least one more significant payday on the table. Still, this was an easy decision for DiBella, simply because it was never about the money.

According to a statement from DiBella's office, Taylor will continue fighting in Showtime's Super Six World Boxing Classic. Here is what DiBella said in the statement:

“I have just been informed though numerous press reports that Jermain Taylor has elected to continue his participation in The Super Six: World Boxing Classic tournament, and will face Andre Ward in April. It is with a heavy heart, but strong conviction, that I will recuse myself and DiBella Entertainment as Jermain’s promoter.

“Jermain’s career has been outstanding, and it has been a pleasure and honor to promote him. His victories against Bernard Hopkins remain the highlights of my career as a promoter. Jermain is not only a great fighter, but a good and decent man with a wonderful family. It is out of genuine concern for him and his family that I am compelled to make this decision.

“I informed him, as I do all my contracted fighters, that my goal was to help him secure financial stability for his family, maximize his potential, and leave our unforgiving sport with his health intact.

“It is my belief that the continuation of Jermain’s career as an active fighter places him at unnecessary risk. While he is undoubtedly capable of prevailing in future bouts, I cannot, in conscience, remain involved given my assessment of such risk.

“I wish Jermain all the best in his future endeavors. All of us at DiBella Entertainment hold Jermain close to our hearts and consider him and his family part of our family. We wish him Godspeed and continued health.”

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