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Manny Pacquiao dominates Mosley

Shane Mosley, left, and Manny Pacquiao exchange punches

Shane Mosley, left, and Manny Pacquiao exchange punches in the second round during their WBO welterweight title bout in Las Vegas. (May 7, 2011) Credit: AP

It wasn't the fight everyone expected, nor was it the fight everyone wanted. Nonetheless, Manny Pacquiao continued his march through boxing history with a dominant, one-sided win over the aged Sugar Shane Mosley.

Pacquiao retained his WBO welterweight title with a unanimous decision - 120-108, 120-107, 119-108 - over Mosley in Las Vegas. Pacquiao drilled Mosley will a left hand and dropped him in the third round. The fight was basically over there. Mosley fought simply to survive, rarely engaging the charging, whirling Pacquiao for the remainder of the fight.

Pacquiao talked about tired legs after the fight and perhaps that slowed him down a bit. He seems to fight better when his opponents fight better. Mosley gave him very little to work with, looking very much like a power pitcher who his lost fastball. He was trying chew up innings but it wasn't pretty. Pacquiao dominated but it wasn't the typical, scintilating Pacquiao performance we've gotten used to. Manny was content to just win against an unwilling opponent.

We've been saying this for what seems like years now, but the only fight out there to be made is Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather Jr. All the talk about performance enhancing drugs seems more and more like a smoke screen from Mayweather. We can only continue to hope the fight gets made. It seems at this point, the most likely match for Pacquiao, however, is a third fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

Below is our round-by-round blog with some notes from the undercard:

 Ring entrances way too long. Just give me Johnny Addie and the opening bell.

The usual crowd here tonight for the show, here they are and their picks - IBC (Mosley wins split), Richie from Levittown (Pacman wins unan.), Mr. Jimmy (Pacman wins unan.), Frank (Mosley decision), Bruno (Pacman by decision) and JP (Mosley by KO). Bruno, at 91, is up and shadow boxing. Must be very close to the main event. Here we go:

Round 1: Not much happening. Basic feeling out. Pacman busier. Mosley looks significantly bigger. But what else is new. Pacman 10-9.

Round 2: The pace picks up a little more. Good round. Each man busier. Pacman just slightly busier. Pacman 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3:  Pacman moving forward, but not getting in an easily as he usually does. He's lunging and reaching. Finally gets in .. and ... straight left hand just drops Mosley. Richie from Levittown makes great analogy comparing Pacman to Roberto Duran. IBC says Mosley's stance too wide. Mosley holding on. Pacman 10-8, 30-26.

Round 4: Memo to Pacman - Don't get careless with Mosley's right hand. It's not over yet. Pacman coming in with more abandon. Not much happening here. Pacman wins round again. Pacman, 10-9, 40-35.

Round 5: Dull fight. Shane fighting backing up, not committing to anything. He already looks like he's fighting to survive. Pacman 10-9, 50-44.

Round 6: Two body shots from Mosley and Pacquiao smiles. Fans starting to boo. It seems that Pacquiao is fighting to the level of Shane, to some degree. Pacquiao is comfortable winning the way that Shane is allowing him to win. But not doing much else. Pacman 10-9, 60-53.

Round 7: Manny trying. Shane not. Pacman 10-9, 70-62.

Round 8: IBC says Manny is fighting two fights, the first one is trying to get in and get in range to hit Mosley. The second is hoping that Mosley's still there once you get there.  Very frustrating. Pacman 10-9, 80-71.

Round 9: Nothing happening here worth reporting. Frank says, and it's true, You've seen one round and you've seen every round. Pacman 10-9, 90-80

 Round 10: Ref rules it a knockdown, but it wasn't. Mosley steps on Pacquiao's fought and Pacquiao goes down. I guess you have to score it 9-9. 99-89.

 Round 11: Pacquiao came out looking for a knockout. He tried but Shane survived. Pacman carrying the entire fight. Pacman 10-9, 109-98.

 Round 12: A terrible fight out of Shane Mosley. IBC says he should not collect purse. Frank calls it a "friendly fight." Pacquiao wins easily. Pacman 10-9, 119-107.

Official scores:  120-108, 120-107, 119-108

Kelly Pavlik grinds out a majority decision over Alfonso Lopez. Not sterling but a fight that Pavlik needed. it will be interesting to see how he builds off this. His next fight will tell us more.

One more undercard bout before the main event between Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley. Back soon for the main event.

Fantastic undercard fight between Jorge Arce and Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. Arce wins WBO title after Vazquez Sr. - a great fighter in his own right - throws in the towel and stops contest in the 12th round. Despite the ending, his son did the sport of boxing proud.


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