Manny Pacquiao had a conference call on Friday about his upcoming fight with Joshua Clottey. The conversation, though, had more to do with blood testing and Floyd Mayweather Jr. than it did Clottey.

Here are some highlights:

Q. Why would you not take the opportunity to clear your name and fight?

MANNY PACQUIAO:  I don’t want to talk about or think about blood testing.  I want to focus on the Clottey fight.  I did take a blood test when I fought Erik Morales.  I didn’t think I would fight Mayweather because people know Mayweather was not ready to fight me ... It has never been in boxing before that a fighter changed the rules.  It is the fighter’s job to fight in the ring and is the promoter’s job and the commission’s job to make the rules for the fight.

Q. Manny, do you believe Mayweather does not want to fight you?

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MANNY PACQUIAO:  What I believe is Floyd Mayweather is not ready at this time to fight with me.  That’s why he makes the reasons to cancel the fight.  I feel bad and disappointment because he is accusing me of using drugs or whatever and trying to ruin my name in boxing.  People know I have been successful through God and hard work. 

Maybe he is afraid of me or maybe is not ready for this fight.  I am disappointed at what he is accusing me of.  I really feel bad but I have no anger toward him.  This is boxing.  That’s his style.  We cannot change that because we are different... Some fighters like me we can be the greatest fighters without fast words and trash talk.  His style is talking a lot of trash and it is not a good example for everybody.

Q. If your career ends without fighting Mayweather, will you be disappointed?

MANNY PACQUIAO:  I don’t really need Floyd Mayweather because what I have achieved in boxing is good enough for me and people know that by comparing my achievements in boxing to his achievements.