Top Rank boss Bob Arum said newly elected Filipino congressman Manny Pacquiao will fight November 13.

Will it be against Floyd Mayweather Jr? Boxing fans all over the world certainly hope it will be. Arum said during a conference call that "the fight we want to do is the Mayweather fight".

The last time the two sides tried to put a bout together, talks stalled over Pacquiao's refusal to submit to random Olympic-style drug testing. Pacquiao said recently on his website that he is amenable to testing up to two weeks before the fight and righ after the fight.

It's not clear how much Mayweather will bend on his testing demands. If he does, and the fight is made, it has been speculated that a potential purse could be close to $100 million. 

As for the venue, Arum lobbied for Cowboy Stadium the first time the two camps negotiated. Mayweather's camp preferred the MGM Grand. Had the fight taken place, it would've been at the MGM Grand.

"Jerry [Jones] is certainly interested and so is the MGM," Arum said. "It will be, if the fight happens, and I hope it will, in mid-November. It would be in one of those two places."


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