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Mayweather: Let's clean up the sport

Floyd Mayweather Jr. celebrates his unanimous decision victory

Floyd Mayweather Jr. celebrates his unanimous decision victory against Robert Guerrero in their WBC welterweight title bout. (May 4, 2013) Photo Credit: Getty Images

There is a lot wrong in boxing today and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is intent on helping to clean up the sport. But he isn’t just referring to drug testing, something he tried to implement in a proposed bout with Manny Pacquiao.

“I think there are too many belts in the sport of boxing,” said Mayweather. “If I beat Miguel Cotto for the WBA championship, how did Austin Trout beat him for the WBA championship? These are things I don’t understand about what’s going on in the sport of boxing.”

The WBC, WBA Super and WBA light middleweight titles will all be contested for by Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez on Saturday, September 14 at the MGM Grand.

“I don’t mind paying my sanctioning fees like any other fighter. If I’m the champion, all this super champion stuff, I’m totally against it,” said Mayweather. “I honestly feel that Canelo is the WBC champion and Floyd Mayweather is the WBA champion. I’m also the WBC champion at welterweight. Fair is fair.”

Mayweather also believes the scoring and judging needs to be cleaned up. “I think there’s a little bit of favoritism sometimes,” Mayweather said in reference to the judging.

As for drug testing, Mayweather wants everyone on the same level.

“I want to be on an even playing field,” said Mayweather. “I feel like every fighter should go through the same obstacles I do.”

Mayweather touched on many things in what was a wide-ranging interview with reporters in New York City on Monday.

He talked about his respect for past greats like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. He also noted how both fighters are suffering. Ali has Parkinson’s disease, while Leonard has a detached retina, according to Mayweather.

Mayweather attributed many of the struggling greats to the number of shots they had taken. “I’m not going out there to take any punishment,” said Mayweather. “It’s not cool taking punishment.”



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