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Mayweather-Ortiz predictions

Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz face off at

Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz face off at a press conferece about their upcoming fight. (June 28, 2011) Photo Credit: Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will take on Victor Ortiz in what many consider a tune-up fight for a possible spring bout against Manny Pacquiao. That's a long way off. Newsday's boxing experts, along with a few others, offer their opinions.

Holt McCallany actor and star of “Lights Out”: This will be a much more exciting fight than Pacquiao/Mosley. Ortiz is a very credible opponent, and pumped up from his victory over Berto, but ultimately Floyd's defensive skills will prove too much for him. Expect a spirited effort from Ortiz early but Mayweather will start to time him with right hands as he comes in, ultimately leading to a unanimous decision win for Mayweather over a tough, very game, but severely battered Ortiz.

Greg Logan, Newsday: Victor Ortiz showed a lot of heart and firepowere in his upset win over Andre Berto,and he can be counted upon to come to fight. But Ortiz lacks the experience and skill to handle Mayweather's slick defensive tactics and his counterpuinching speed. The great featherweight,Yuriorkis Gamboa rolled his eyes and scoffed when asked if Ortiz has a chance. I have to agree. Mayweather by TKO7.

Marcus Henry, Newsday: Victor Ortiz, a southpaw with an ample amount of power and will come out the aggressor, hoping to catch Floyd Mayweather early. If you go by Mayweather’s last five or six fights, that is the logical way to go. Shane Mosley caught him early. So did Zab Judah. But Mayweather is a master at making in-fight adjustments. And he’ll do so in this fight and scored a one-sided decision. Mayweather wins 117-111.

Jason Gonzalez, Max Boxing: Floyd Mayweather will win an easy one-sided decision. Victor Ortiz will start out strong, but Mayweather will make adjustments at the end of round one. The rest is history. I think we will see Mayweather Pacquiao next year.

Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz, former world champ: My opinion is that Mayweather is going to win. Mayweather has tremendous defense and speed. Mayweather also has the power, and we all know Victor can get hurt. Victor Ortiz, however, has a lot of heart and he showed that in his last fight. I believe Ortiz also has the power to change the fight and beat Mayweather. I believe the fight will go to distance and Mayweather will win by points. I don't see a knock out happening.

Bobby Cassidy Jr. Newsday: "I like that Ortiz continues to smile and shrug off all the pressure and all the hype. I think he has the right frame of mind to win this fight. Just not sure he has the right skills. One night, Floyd Mayweather will get old in the ring. But that night won't be Saturday. He wins a unanimous decision."

George Foreman, former heavyweight champ: This fight presents a unique opportunity for Victor Ortiz; he takes a punch and gives as well. By seven rounds, I expect Ortiz to pull ahead with Mayweather holding on, avoiding being KO'd.

Robert Guerrero, WBA and WBO lightweight champ: Victor Ortiz is a young, hungry lion with an incredible story. How can anybody not root for a guy like him? He'll leave everything in the ring come fight night and the fans will get their money's worth, but Floyd Mayweather's speed and intelligence will be the key to a unanimous decision victory. Floyd will weather an early storm from Ortiz and make the proper adjustments to come out victorious. Floyd's been a tremendous fighter for many years. We'll see how many great fights he has left in him.

David Haye, former heavyweight champ: Mayweather by unanimous points decision or stoppage. This promises to be a very interesting fight, as Mayweather is coming off a long layoff and Ortiz is in the prime of his fighting life and fresh off a great win over the unbeaten Andre Berto. Ortiz may have his moments in the fight as Mosley did, but ultimately I believe Mayweather's perfection will shine through as the fight goes on. Whatever the outcome, I'm very excited about this fight and will no doubt be watching live.

Bernard Hopkins, WBC light heavyweight champ: You ask me as a fan and as a guy with boxing credibility. I think the win goes to the guy with the higher fighting IQ and the experience. You have one guy who has been in the game longer than the other, the guy who comes from a boxing family. I love Ortiz. Would I be surprised if Ortiz gives Floyd all he can handle? No! But, with Floyd's style and Ortiz's style, I see Floyd winning this fight convincingly.

Amir Khan, WBA and IBF junior welterweight champ: It's going to be a tough fight for Victor and I hope he does well, but Mayweather has more experience and I think Mayweather will beat him in the later rounds on points. If it's the same Victor that turned up for Berto, it's going to be a tough fight for Mayweather.

Sugar Ray Leonard, former world champ: I predict Floyd with his talent and experience. This fight could be his toughest and most dangerous fight if Ortiz doesn't freeze in this event. The eyes will reveal the truth.


Marcos Maidana, WBA super lightweight champ: Mayweather will outbox Ortiz to get a clear, unanimous decision, but if Ortiz fights like he did against Berto, Mayweather will be stopped."

Paul Malignaggi, former world champ: I think it's a very competitive fight, contrary to what some of the media are saying. Victor is in fine form as of late, and he's really come into his own these last couple years and more so than physically, he's come into his own on a mental level, and you can see the confidence written all over his face and in his demeanor in general. Having said that, Floyd Mayweather to me might be the best fighter to ever put on a pair of boxing gloves. It will be interesting to see now that he's no longer a spring chicken, if these layoffs will have any effect on him. He is a reflex/reaction type fighter, and those are the first things you lose as age creeps up on you. Age may be a factor because Floyd is up against a hungry young lion. I pick Floyd in a close fight that goes the distance and might even be controversial, but if he's lost anything with his age, I can't say I'd be hugely surprised if Victor pulls off the upset. Five years ago, I would pick Floyd in a less competitive fight even if not a dominant one, of course, that's with the Victor of today against the Floyd of back then, but that's not a knock on Victor, it's just that Floyd in his prime was unreal and would beat very good fighters and at times make it even look easy. I like this fight a lot; I applaud Victor for taking it while accepting the random drug tests. I would love to have that in pro boxing for everyone and not just Mayweather and his opponents. The NFL just implemented a random HGH test as well as minor league baseball. Pro soccer players are also subject to mandatory random tests, so if the best professional athletes in the world are now being subjected to them, then I don't see why boxers should not, at the very least on a world class level. So I commend Victor, and I like what Floyd is doing. This is an exemplary fight not just because they are world class athletes, but obviously they are making a point that they are gentlemen and fair and honest sportsmen as well.





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