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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao predictions

We now are less than three weeks away from the much-anticipated Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao bout on May 2 in Las Vegas, which means less than three weeks left to ask everyone involved in the sport what they think will happen.

Paulie Malignaggi

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"I am taking Mayweather by wide decision or a late-round stoppage," said Paulie Malignaggi in a release from Premier Boxing Champions. "He has too much variation to his arsenal. Pacquiao is fun to watch, but his one-dimensional approach won't be enough on Saturday night."

Juan LaPorte

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"I think Mayweather will win a decision," said Juan LaPorte, former WBC featherweight champion from Brooklyn. "It's not going to be easy. Pacquiao is the toughest opponent he will face in his career. Manny has a chance to win this fight, but he can't go in there and think he's going to outsmart Mayweather. He can't go in there and try to out-jab him. He has to go in there and try to get Mayweather off his game. That's the only way he can win."

Chris Algieri

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"Styles make fights and I believe this is a style that suits Floyd," said Greenlawn's Chris Algieri, a former WBO junior welterweight champion, in a release from Premier Boxing Champions. "Floyd is the smartest fighter in the game. He will be able to pick up on certain flaws and exploit them. Manny is going to make him work in there and I believe that the first few rounds are going to be very interesting. Manny is a different and smarter fighter than he was before the Marquez knockout. If Manny comes in shape the way that he did against me, and if Floyd has missed a step at all, then I see Pacquiao giving him all kinds of trouble. Ultimately though, I see Mayweather winning a decision."

Iran Barkley

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"I think Mayweather wins a decision," said Iran Barkley, a former three-division world champion from the Bronx. "he's too fast. He has to be careful though, he can't get careless against 'Pac Man.' But Mayweather will win. He can't knock him out."

Sadam Ali

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"Both are great fighters," said Sadam Ali, an undefeated welterweight and a 2008 U.S. Olympian. "I'm excited we get to see that fight, for all boxing fans. It's going to amazing. If I had to chose somebody, I'd go with Mayweather. But in boxing, you never know, anything can happen."


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"If anyone has the tools to beat Floyd Mayweather, I think it's Manny Pacquiao,” WBA middleweight champion Danny Jacobs of Brooklyn said. "But I don't see how Manny can get the job done. Every time that I've thought Floyd might get edged out, he's adapted and stepped up to the plate and won. Floyd is the greatest fighter of this generation and maybe the greatest of all time. Floyd will adapt to Manny's unique style and win by decision."

Dana White

“Six years ago, I liked Pacquiao,
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“Six years ago, I liked Pacquiao," UFC president Dana White said. "Now, I like Mayweather. I actually think Pacquiao knocks him out six years ago. It’s going to be interesting. You’re never going to tune into a boring fight with Manny. Manny goes. Manny tries to finish fights.”

Sugar Ray Leonard

“I would say I lean toward Mayweather because
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“I would say I lean toward Mayweather because he hasn’t tasted defeat and he doesn’t want to taste defeat. And I look at Pacquiao and I see a guy, a champion, who is equipped with such speed and power and unfortunately he was KO'd big-time by [Juan Manuel] Marquez.

“Most fighters that get knocked out that way don’t come back the right way. But if there is anyone who can do it, it’s Pacquiao. All fighters have one big fight left in them. My last fight was Hagler. I had it. I came back and I still had everything.

“I don’t know if it’s going to show up or be present for either guy. If it’s present for one guy, that guy is going to dominate. If it comes from both of them, it’s going to be a hell of a fight.”

Marv Albert

“I am the worst at predicting, but I
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“I am the worst at predicting, but I think Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, is attempting to get him all stirred up in terms of that’s how Pacquiao’s mentality is: ferocious. He’s pulling out all the stops to try to get him go into the ring mad, which doesn’t define who he is. But I think he has to. That’s the only way.

“Mayweather has a scientific way of fighting and he’s so slick. I hope it’s a good fight; at this stage of their careers everybody wants to see it. Five years ago it certainly would have been a better fight to watch. But I think that Pacquiao’s going to have a difficult time, even though I know Freddie wants him to go in there like, crazed.

“I really think that I give a slight edge to Mayweather on a decision.”

Al Michaels

“I would think Mayweather. I think Mayweather will
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“I would think Mayweather. I think Mayweather will figure out a way to win the fight. I think the most interesting thing about this fight to me is three years ago it would have been a better fight – you have to think. Because each guy was three years younger, and I think pretty much in their prime.

“Where are they right now? Are they past their prime? Well, probably, to a certain extent. At the ages these guys are, they can’t be any better than they were three or four years ago. I think the most interesting aspect of this fight to me is what will the quality of the fight be like? It’s unbelievably hyped. It’s over-hyped. It’s going to get more gross revenue than any fight in the history of boxing by far. And yet, I’m curious to see how this plays out.

“Is this going to be Hagler-Hearns? I doubt it. Is it going to be one of the great welterweight/middleweight fights like Leonard and Duran and Hagler and Hearns going back and forth and all in that mix in the '80s? I doubt it. But I’m really curious to see what happens here. Mayweather is not an exciting fighter. He’s a great fighter. Exciting personality, but as a fighter he’s not that exciting.

“I went to the Mayweather-De La Hoya fight and it was a snooze fest. Yeah, Pacquiao is exciting, but is he still going to be exciting now? To me, can this live up to the hype? I doubt it. Can it equal the hype? I think it’s going to be hard.”

Gerry Cooney

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"They have to put a lot of pressure on Mayweather, six through 12, and you can beat him, just like [Marcos] Maidana almost did.

"But I think that Mayweather has a way of lulling you to sleep and working that jab and he steals those last rounds and wins the fight."


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