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Miguel Cotto: I will not fight in another state

Miguel Cotto (L) listens to Emanuel Steward at

Miguel Cotto (L) listens to Emanuel Steward at media day for Cotto-Ricardo Mayorga fight. (Feb. 22, 2010) Credit: Tom Farina / Top Rank

The bizzaro world that is Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito just keeps getting stranger.

First, in a decision that seemed totally unexpected, the New York State Athletic Commission wouldn’t grant Margarito a license to fight in the state unless he gets his eye examined by another doctor. If Margarito isn't given a license, the fight, set for December 3 at Madison Square Gatden, will have to be moved.

But Cotto (36-2) made it clear on a conference call on Tuesday that he will not fight Magarito (38-7) anywhere else. “I will not fight in another state,” said the Puerto Rican native. “I signed this fight for New York, I am not going to fight anywhere else.”

He also believes whatever the commission decides should be abided by. “If New York says Margarito is unable to fight because of his eye, then every commission should respect that,” said Cotto.

Speculation has run rampant that if the fight is moved, it will be to Cowboys Stadium. While that may sound good for Top Rank, which promotes both fighters, it is not what Cotto wants.

Most of Cotto’s biggest victories have come in New York. He beat Yuri Foreman in front of 22,000 at Yankee Stadium last year and he won decisions over Joshua Clottey, Shane Mosley, Zab Judah and Paul Malignaggi at Madison Square Garden.

With Margarito’s home country of Mexico just south of Texas, it’s perfectly understandable why Cotto wouldn’t want to fight him there. The question is what willTop Rank do if Cotto sticks to his guns.

This could all be moot if Margarito is granted a license, but if NYSAC doesn’t, the fireworks will continue.

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