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Salita launches boxing series this week

Dmitriy Salita is still an active professional boxer. But he has added promoter to  his resume as well. One thing he knows for certain is that, "they are both stressful."

The latest offering from Salita the promoter is Wednesday, July 20, when he begins a series of monthly shows in New York. This week's card is at the Oceana, in Brooklyn, and while most of the cards will be held at the Oceana, he may move the series around the five boroughs.

"The idea of the series is for fans and fighters to establish an ongoing relationship," said Salita.  "I think it's very important for fighters  to develop a fan base."

Salita, who is 33-1-1, and challenged Amir Khan for the title two years ago, said he has fought for some of the "top promoters in boxing, Bob Arum, Lou DiBella, Square Ring, and it's time for me to use some of what I've learned."

"The idea for the show is for local fighters," said Salita "Everyone has a different ethnic flavor, a different community they come from. People who relate to the fighter are proud of them, they want to follow them. The Golden Gloves are a perfect example. As the tournament goes on, fans from the fighter's neighborhood follow their progression. They grow with them. That goes a long way to build bigger fan bases. A lot of really talented fighters on this show have that potential."

One of those local fighters is Richie Neves, a junior middleweight from New Hyde Park. Neves will be making his pro debut on Salita’s card. He trains at the Westbury Boxing Gym and is a former Golden Gloves and Long Island Championships finalist.

What kind of advice does Salita have for someone making their pro debut?

"I remember being very nervous," said Salita. "It's much different than the amateurs.  I turned pro right after I won the Gloves. You take off the headgear, you are fighting with smaller gloves. All of that makes a difference. Right before my fight, I thought to myself, "Wow, you are ally really doing this.' It took a few seconds to get the butterflies out of my stomach. Everyone feels it and I am sure Richie is going to feel it. But he has a good amateur background and I am sure he's going to be successful."

Some of the other New York fighters on the card are Will Rosinsky, a former Golden Gloves champ, Boyd Melson, an Olympic alternate and West Point graduate, and Jerell Miller, who was in training camp with Wladimir Klitschko. And welterweight Cletus Seldin (1-0) of Shirley

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