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Showtime's Fight Camp 360, episode 3

Episode three was the best one yet. Here we go.

Best Spoken Line, Arthur Abraham: “I have no medals. The time for medals is finished.”

Best Spoken Line, Gary Shaw: “Because there are 8,000 screaming Englishmen and 8 of us, I just ask that we have an even playing field.” It appeared that he was speaking to the referee when he said that. He should have said it to the judges.

Best Spoken Line, Carl Froch’s Mom: “One Yank’s down, another Yank to go.”

Best Spoken Line, Andre Dirrell, after losing a split decision in Nottingham: “That’s why Floyd and Roy Jones never come out here, there ain’t nothing out here.”

Best Spoken Line, Mikkel Kessler: When asked between rounds if he could see, “I can see, but I  can't see.” Want to stop it? “No!” .. and then … “He took my belt and my passport.” I came away with more respect for Kessler after this loss than any of his previous wins. Not so much the way he fought, but that he continued to fight. We live blogged the Kessler-Ward fight while it was happening.

Best Supporting Cast Lou DiBella: You can see that he lives it and breathes it with his fighters.

The Scenic View: The establishing shots in the various locales continue to be outstanding. Also, the shots on the drive to the arena in Berlin -- the reflection of light and colors -- were very nice.

* Watch the opening sequence and you will understand why DiBella would no longer promote Jermain Taylor if he continued to fight. You saw a man who cares too much.  Although Taylor said he would be back later in the show, let's hope Taylor retires. He has nothing left to prove.

* This is what makes the fight scenes really effective. The constant cutaways to the fighter’s families who are ringside. The nerves, the tension, the joy, the disappointment, the terror – the various family members showed all of it to us.

Not sure what to say about Carl Froch’s mom and girlfriend. The word obnoxious comes to mind. But then again, if I were British, maybe I’d think they were enthusiastic and supportive. Which, they are, in an obnoxious sort of way.

Loved Arthur Abraham's trainer turning around and shouting back at the fighter's brother, "I'm the trainer here."

Loved that Froch took public transportation home after the fight.

Loved that Kessler made the Tyson reference saying he'd rather fight someone who says they want to eat his  children, instead of the classy Andre Ward.

Nice scene of Dirrell visiting Ward and rooting for him and also Floyd Mayweather Jr. calling him on the phone before the fight.
Next episode airs on Saturday, February 27.

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