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Sneak Peek: Showtime's Fight Camp 360, episode 1

Nice stuff out of Showtime and NFL Films taking the viewer inside and behind the closed doors of the Super Six World Boxing Classic. It was promoted as a reality show but played closer to a documentary. Let's give it time to see where it goes. We'll also wait before drawing comparisons between Fight Camp 360 and HBO's 24/7 franchise. The premiere airs on Showtime Saturday night at 10:30 p.m.

It's worth tuning in.

Thoughts on episode no. 1:

Best spoken line: Carol, Carl Froch's mother: "Just get it over with, will ya, don't leave it until the last 14 seconds ... my 'art, my 'art can't take it."

Best spoken line, part 2: Carl Froch: "For Andre Dirrell to come over to Nottingham and fight a world champion of my stature, it's a very big ask."

Best supporting cast. Rachel, Carl Froch's girlfriend. Do you really have to ask?

Training Days: Very cool image of Froch running up hill in -- presumably -- Nottingham.

The scenic view: Great shot of the Brooklyn Bridge as the transition to Lou DiBella.

Dog Days: Carl Froch had a picture of a dog on his t-shirt. Arthur Abraham's dog is named Mike Tyson. Lou DiBella's dog nipped at his heels and Andre Dirrell had a dog howling outside his gym.

Frequent Flyers: Kudos for filming in New York, Washington,Texas, California, Germany and England. That's quite an undertaking.

Loved that Froch is talking about fighting Kessler at a soccer stadium.

Didn't love that inside the Froch home there is a picture of his girlfriend in a bikini on the kitchen wall and that he drinks hot beverages from a mug with his own picture on it.

Loved Andre Dirrell's video conference call with his grandfather and Jermain Taylor's with his children.

It's Jermain Taylor and not Jermaine Taylor. It appeared both ways in the show. We've made the same mistake in this corner as well. Jermain's probably used to it by now.

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