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Sneak Peek: Showtime's Fight Camp 360, episode 8

We've missed a couple of episodes but we're back. Showtime is doing its best to hold the tournament together and pulled no punches in addressing the delays and fallout. The best part of Fight Camp 360, though, remains the scope of Showtime's coverage. I counted 10 datelines in this episode, six in the United States and four in Europe.

This is an advance of Fight Camp 360, which airs on Showtime, Saturday at 10:45 p.m.

Best Spoken line, Carl Froch: "Boxing is the vestige remains of the Wild West."

Best Spoken line, Lou DiBella: "In boxing, s--- happens."

Best Spoken line, Leon Lawson Jr.: "We're prize fighters, not pride fighters."

Best Spoken line, Froch, Part 2: "I might knock him out, see how many points I get for that." He was speaking of promoter Kalle Sauerland.

Training Days: Glen Johnson's routine. Also, loved the shot through the doorway of him hitting the heavybag.

Loved: Ken Hershman placing post-it notes over the guys who have dropped out.

Loved: Greg Goossen pointing out that Mikkel Kessler couldn't fight because of double vision, but he could drive a car.

Loved: The sign outside of the gym in Miami. "Boxer Parking, all others will get knocked out."

Say what? Upon arriving in Helsinki, Finland, Froch says to someone, perhaps he was a doorman:

"I heard people chuck themselves off of buildings because it's dark all the time. They get depressed."

His repsonse, "Yeah. But there are a lot of activities."

Eerie camera work: The lasso shadow silhouetting the picture of Allan Green.

If nothing else, the Super Six can always look back and feel good that it helped financed two boxing gyms.

The most disturbing part of this episode was boxing being show at its absolute worst during the second Andre Dirrell interview. Dirrell has pulled out of the tournament, citing neurological issues. But as Showtime's crew pressed him on it, his grandfather asked for the interview to be stopped because his lawyer wasn't present. Then his trainer, Lawson Jr., came out with this beauty of a quote in an attempt to illustrate the danger of Dirrell's injury:

"Sad to say If it was somebody else, I'd be trying to run him back up in there [tournament]. Not him, he's my family."


The Super Six World Boxing Classic continues on November 6, when Allan Green meets Glen Johnson on Showtime.


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