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The fighters have arrived

Shane Mosley poses for a photo at the

Shane Mosley poses for a photo at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few days before his fight against Manny Pacquiao. May 3, 2011. Credit: Chris Farina/TOP RANK

We’re only a few days away from the first mega-bout of the year when Manny Pacquiao squares off against Shane Mosley on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Here are a few fight facts:

Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena
Capacity: 16,700
Network: Showtime Pay-Per-View. Coverage begins at 9 p.m.

Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2) - $20 million
Shane Mosley (46-9-1) - $5 million
*Purse doesn’t include any separate deals the fighters may have with their promoters as far as PPV or gate proceeds are concerned.

The fight will be for Mosley’s WBO welterweight title.

Here are some of Mosley thoughts on the fight: “People forget about my punching power and speed. (Actually) They forget a lot. (But) I think one of my main advantages is experience.

"I had a great camp. Pacquiao throws a lot of good punches, gets his power from his strong legs and can throw punches for 12 rounds. But I'm ready."

I think the perception is that Pacquiao is a small guy because he once fought at 106, but I fought at that weight, too. I used to spar with Paul Gonzales when I was a teenager."

"Antonio Margarito hit him with more shots than I got hit with by Margarito."

Here’s what Pacquiao had to say: “I never thought I could achieve what I have. My dreams before were to help and sacrifice for my mother and family, helping us survive.”

“I’m sure some (in the Philippines) are jealous of my success, and I can’t blame them. But I just try and stay humble.”

“I don’t try to compare what I’ve achieved in boxing. I’m just happy to contribute to the history of boxing. My best memory is probably knowing that my fights make fans happy.”

“I remember watching Shane Mosley when he fought De La Hoya. I’ve always respected his ability and I know I can’t underestimate him. I’m most impressed by his hand- and foot-speed. Lots of people criticize him but he has trained very hard for this fight and he wants to prove he is still good and is still strong.”

“It’s an honor to hear that Mike Tyson says I’m one of his idols because he’s one of my idols, too.’’

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