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Tomasz Adamek decisions Michael Grant

Polish heavyweight Tomasz Adamek pleased a rabid Prudential Center crowd of 10,972 by scoring a unanimous 12-round decision over Michael Grant. But while he was by far the busier puncher all night, Adamek showed he doesn't have the power to wobble a heavyweight the size of the 6-7, 261-pound Grant.

That could be a bad omen for Adamek because Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, who control three of the four major belts in the division both are built along the same lines as Grant. The difference is that they aren't likely to hold off throwing their right hand as much as Grant did. The 38-year-old Grant seemed more concerned with protecting his famously fragile chin for the first half of the fight.

It was only in the second half that he became more aggressive, using his jab to cut Adamek at the corner of the left eye in the eight round and banging him with a big right hand early in the ninth round. In the 12th round, Grant chased Adamek all around the ring throwing powerhouse right hands, some of which sent Adamek stumbling away. Grant admitted after the fight he should have turned on the power much earlier.

"If I had done in the fifth round what I did in the 12th round, it would have been a different story," Grant said. "Every time I tried to pull the trigger on that little mouse, he kept slipping. He can move."

As for Adamek's power, Grant said, "He never stunned me. He never hit me as hard as I've been hit in my life."

Judge Grant Henry scored it 118-110; John Poturaj had it 118-111, and Robert Grasso called it 117-111 all for Adamek. The Pole was a 116-112 winner on Newsday's card.

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