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Tomasz Adamek taking a risk?

It’s a risk, and Polish heavyweight sensation Tomasz Adamek knows it.

Adamek has a date with either Wladimir or Vitale Klitschko in September. But the New Jersey resident, who last fought in a fifth-round TKO of Vinny Maddalone last December, can’t stay idle.

He’ll take on Irish heavyweight Kevin McBride in a pay-per-view event from the Prudential Center on April 9.

Said Adamek: “Somebody asked me why I am fighting before I have a guaranteed title fight. And I said, ‘I want to be active. This is my job. I can't stay home 8 -9 months.’ So we made a fight - thank you Kevin for taking this fight. He's a big man, we respect him. I'm preparing with Roger, it's our second week in the Pocono's. We prepare very hard and I am very healthy.”

You have to give Adamek (43-1) credit. Many fighters wouldn’t take on a tough opponent with a bigger fight ahead. But Adamek is bucking the trend. When and if Floyd Mayweather returns, you can rest assured he won’t take on a guy who can beat him, especially if he can’t make enough money.

Adamek’s bout with either Klitschko will make him a lot of money and provide a ton of exposure. It will be fought overseas close to his home country of Poland. A win for Adamek in a fight against either of the brothers would almost certainly mean an immediate rematch.

So why risk a fight against a big heavyweight in McBride (35-8-1)?

“I want to be the champion,” Adamek added. “I am serious, this is my life. This is my way. This is my destiny.”

Said Main Event CEO Kathy Duva: “April 9 is an important fight for both fighters: in Kevin McBride's case this is a great opportunity for him; in Tomasz's case he has a great opportunity ahead of him in Poland where he has an offer to fight one of the Klitschko brothers in September. But Tomasz does not like to be idle.”

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