If you loved the documentary "Assault in the Ring," -- and why wouldn't you? -- then you have to pick up the speccial two-set DVD. The bonus features are outstanding. They include interviews with Teddy Atlas, Freddie Roach -- who was put on the spot, Howard Davis Jr., Lenny DeJesus and the entire Luis Resto-Billy Collins fight.

But, if nothing else, get the DVD to see the reunion between Robert Sawyer and Luis Resto. Amazing footage.

The documentary -- directed by Eric Drath and seen on HBO -- is the story of what happened on the night Luis Resto fought Billy Collins Jr., the controversy over Resto's tampered gloves and the fighter's search for redemption.

Here's our orignal review of the doc.

An old friend drew the parallel this week between Resto and Mark McGwire, two athletes seeking redemption. That much is true. And a lot of people have given McGwire plaudits for finally talking about the past. While the men in this video may never have the notoriety, money or fame that McGwire has, they dwarf him when it comes to courage.

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McGwire wants us to forgive him for taking steroids -- which is ok -- but at the same time he wants us to believe that steroids didn't help him hit a record-breaking 70 home runs. Which is not ok.

But enough about McGwire, who made millions upon millions by defrauding all of us and had the audacity to say in his recent statement that he was taking "a hit." Taking a hit?

The fighters in this film are real people and worth the twenty bucks it will cost you to get it. The Two-Disc Special Edition “Assault In The Ring” DVD is available worldwide for $19.99 (SRP) by visiting assaultinthering.com, amazon.com or by calling (212) 505-7666 from 9 AM – 5 PM .