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What next for Mayweather and Mosley?

LAS VEGAS - The speculation regarding Mayweather's future will continue to run rampant. With Manny Pacquiao making a run in politics and refusing to take random blood tests, the fight may not happen.

But there are several opponents out there. Miguel Cotto, assuming he takes care of Yuri Foreman, could be an option. A rematch with Mosley isn't likely, but you never know in this sport.

Paulie Malignaggi, who has a big bout with Amir Khan on May 15, could be an option. It's debatable if Malignaggi has a name big enough for Mayweather, but they could make it work if Malignaggi dominates Khan. Andre Berto could also be an option.

How about a step up to 154 pounds? It's not out of the question if Mayweather can't find anyone at 147 that can matchup to him in the ring and in the money department. Mayweather has been known to take a dive into the deep end, so anything is possible.

Mosley's future is not clear, but he still has enough to deal with any other welterweight. The question is if there is any real money left for him to earn. He had a bout with Andre Berto scheduled for January 30, but Berto lost several family members to the earthquake in Haiti and withdrew.

Mosley, 38, is not getting any younger. Don't expect a decision on his future to linger. He's likely to have an announcement within a month or so.

As for Mayweather, his camp will begin with talks with Top Rank soon to see if a fight between he and Pacquiao will happen.

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