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Winners and losers from Cotto-Margarito

So who were the winners and losers from last night’s action at the Garden?


Miguel Cotto: This is an obvious one for several reasons. A couple of people have floated the idea of Cotto fighting Foyd Mayweather. Although it’s a fight that probably should have already happened and would generate a ton of publicity and money if it did, it isn’t likely to in the near future. Cotto seems to be more fixed on fighting Julio Cesar Chaves Jr. Incidentally Julio Cesar Chaves Sr. was at the Garden on Saturday night. No matter how you slice it, Cotto will have his choice of opponents.

Mike Jones: Jones was pretty dominant, earning a unanimous decision over Sebastian Lujan on Saturday night and will fight Randall Bailey for the IBF welterweight title vacated by Andre Berto. At 26-0, you had to figure he was going get his shot at a welterweight title some day. If he can dispatch Bailey, could we then see him against someone like Victor Ortiz or even Andre Berto sometime next summer? How about Devon Alexander or Tim Bradley? The 28-year-old brawler from Philly is a rising start.

Madison Square Garden: MSG came back into the boxing world in a big way. Thanks to a packed card with great preliminary bouts, the Garden was able to sell the place out (21,239).

HBO: Like MSG, HBO came out of this on top because of the great undercards. HBO televised four bouts, an unusual scenario whenever you have one of these big PPV events.

Top Rank: Does Top Rank ever lose? Cotto’s win sets up a possible big-money bout with Chavez Jr., while Jones will fight for the IBF welterweight belt vacated by Andre Berto who wants to fight Victor Ortiz again.


Brandon Rios: Rios didn’t make weight for his fight with John Murray and as a result was stripped of his WBA world lightweight title. Even though he scored an 11th-round TKO of Murray, he didn’t get his belt back. Making matters worse, he didn’t look great against Murray.

Antonio Margarito: Margarito is still the most hated man in boxing. And now his eye, which barely survived the scrutiny by New York doctors, may be even worse. His eye was totally closed after the ninth round, forcing doctors to recommend to referee Steve Smoger to stop the fight. Margarito’s corner begged for one more round to avail. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Margarito retired. Margarito has been in two big-time fights against Manny Pacquiao and Cotto. While Margarito is a man everyone loves to hate, he can’t carry a card on his own. With no big opponent waiting for him, what’s next?

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