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Brandon Peralta takes a run at childhood dream

East Meadow native Brandon Peralta poses after completing

East Meadow native Brandon Peralta poses after completing the Long Island Marathon in three hours, 48 minutes, 52 seconds on Sunday. Credit: Newsday / Jordan Lauterbach

Running in the Long Island Marathon was a childhood dream for Brandon Peralta. Growing up in East Meadow, he would volunteer each year and think about what it would be like to navigate all 26.2 miles on his own two feet.

Peralta, 21, who is now in the Navy, finally got his chance this weekend, taking the drive down from his post in Groton, Connecticut and finishing his dream race in three hours, 48 minutes, 52 seconds.

“I passed by the water stations and remembered being in their shoes,” Peralta, a former water boy turned runner, said.

This was Peralta’s second marathon. He ran the Charleston Marathon while he was stationed in South Carolina last year. He enjoyed Long Island much more.

“It was a crazy experience,” Peralta, who operates nuclear reactors on submarines, said. “It was way easier than Charleston because you’re at home. I’m really proud of pace and how everyone else did. There’s some great runners out here. Everyone that came out today is amazing.”

As a true Long Islander, Peralta ended his day the only way he knew how: A trip to All-American Burger in Massapequa.

“It’s a Long Island classic,” he said.

Just like the marathon.

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