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Breakdown: What top-paid athletes earn each second

24. CARMELO ANTHONY, Knicks forward Total earnings: $29.4

24. CARMELO ANTHONY, Knicks forward
Total earnings: $29.4 million
Per week: $565,384.61
Per day: $80,547.94
Per hour: $3,353.93
Per minute: $55.89
Per second: $0.93 Credit: AP

How much money do the 25 highest-paid athletes in the world make every week? How about every day? Hour? Minute? Heck, how much do they make each second?

Forbes released its 2014 list of the highest earners in the sports world and we broke down the numbers to give you an idea of just how much cash the elite take to the bank.

The total dollars for each athlete represents their salary and any contract incentives/bonuses, plus outside endorsements. The top 25 is presented in countdown order, with the biggest earners at the bottom.

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